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We believe that by sharing solutions, borne from a passion for healthy living, we can enrich lives… crazy right? Making your dream a reality and bringing it to the masses.


Natalie Minh Interactive (“NMI”) is a Dallas based internet creative agency, offering brand planning, attention-grabbing ideas, innovative applications, products and platforms that we combine with strategy, technology, creativity, and media to produce everything brands and businesses need to navicate this awesome new digital world.

Your customers have never been more connected to digital content than they are today. So why is it so much harder to actually reach them? That’s where we come in. We help brands reach their audience through meaningful experiences delivered in a fantastic digital experience.We’ve worked with individuals and start-up companies by getting them off to a running start. We’ve also partnered with small/middle sized organizations to expand their market reach via social media and web, improve conversion rates, and build out their team of influencers.

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Our obsession with technology & marketing plus your passion for
your business equals a perfect match!



Hi, I’m Natalie Minh, a former IT professional (BBA – Management Information Systems, MBA, MS Finance) with Fortune 500s. After spending nearly a decade managing global UNIX and Windows systems environments in a corporate setting, running the rat race and not paying much attention to my health, I looked in the mirror and asked myself if this path was taking me down the road that I wanted: spending the majority of my life in a sterile server room, overweight, and unsatisfied with life.

The answer was a resounding NO and this epiphany has led me to change direction, pursue the sunshine and a life of healthy living in Los Angeles. As I grew my passion for fitness & health, I saw that there was a need in the market to help those in this industry bring their concepts to reality with a technical business strategist such as myself.

In 2011 I launched Natalie Minh Interactive, a fitness multimedia company, to serve this audience. My team offers comprehensive solutions ranging from internet marketing strategies, branding, web consulting, graphic design, social media management and all other marketing needs. Rest assured that we bring the same focus on quality and creativeness to our other solutions as we do with our web solutions.


NMI has a team with specialized understanding of the fitness market and skill set to make your company’s image stand out in the crowd.



IT tekkie-babble can be overwhelming and intimidating. We believe that an expert is someone who can take a complex topic and explain it in a simple, easy to understand way. It’s our mission to utilize our technical IT and business toolset in a crisp manner so that our clients can understand and can make sound decisions.

We help brands reach their audience through meaningful experiences delivered entirely new ways for today’s era. We’ve work with individuals and start-ups getting them off to a running start. In plain terms, our obsession with technology & marketing plus your passion for your business equals a perfect match!




• Web presence Management
• Website Design & Development
• Membership Sites
• Event Management Systems
• PHP Development
• e-Commerce Solutions
• Online Business Consulting
• Migration and reEngineering


• Brand Book
• General Web Design
• Product Design
• Product Branding
• Ad Development
• Banner Designs
• Catalogues


• Strategy consulting
• Targeted Traffic for Instagram
• Targeted Traffic for Pinterest

Natalie Minh Interactive Services



We are attentive and will respond to emails and support requests at any hour and day. Most emails get answered in 10 minutes! And though we try to organize our time to get the most out of each day, be assured that if you need your project to be done ASAP we are more than willing to pull ‘allnighters’ in order to get the job done.

We admit… We Are Workaholics.


All our work is produced using licensed software and we abide to all Global Intellectual Property laws. All our work is done on a work-for-hire basis and the code is transferred to the client upon client request of delivery.

Any NDAs or other similar documents signed with the client are strictly adhered to.


Work Terms

For most projects, our experience indicates that for a mutually rewarding engagement, 50% upfront payment ensures an awesome level of professionalism, commitment and genuineness towards the project.

We ask for an additional 25% once we meet the halfway point in the project. And we ask for the remaining 25% when we are ready to go live which includes testing, solving bugs, and implementation on the test server.

All projects get quoted at a fixed price as we don’t work on a per hour basis.

We give a full warranty for all our code and designs, provided a third party doesn’t alter or change them in any way. Any technical bugs shall be addressed absolutely free of charge in order to fulfil all the functionality and design agreed upon in the initial mutual agreement.

Our warranty applies for up to 60 days after the full delivery of the product.