Membership Sites
The Ultimate Continuity Income Lifestyle

Imagine if you could take your expertise and know-how, but instead of teaching people 1-on-1 and trading time for money, you now systemized your knowledge and can reach 1 to infinity…. with each client paying you for this access, creating limitless continuity income.

That’s the power of Membership sites – The Ultimate Continuity Income Lifestyle

Why Have a Membership Site?

Tax write-offs

One-to-Many vs. 1-to-1

Work from anywhere

Zero inventory

Make Money while you sleep

Low Overhead

High profit margins

Backend and Upsell Opportunities

How we work

Natalie Minh Interactive is the leading fitness integrative agency that specializes in Membership site development:


Communicate your core values and expertise with a company as passionate as you are about health and fitness.


NMI has developed numerous membership platforms with full customizations:

  • Workout calendars
  • Exercise video libraries
  • Phased workout programs
  • Custom plugin development such as diet calculators specific to our clients’ protocols, etc
  • Upsells and cross-sells
  • Community forums, member profiles, progress photos and stats, blogs, newsfeed
  • Live video broadcasting within their membership sites
  • Content Delivery: drip-feed, all-access, modules/courses, service model
  • Pay options: Free, one time purchase, Recurring
  • CDN, cache, page load speed optimizations specific to membership sites

Web Development

NMI is passionate to help fitness businesses monetize online via digital platforms. It’sso much of a passion for us that our sister organization is the Fitness MBA Summit, a 501c3 non-profit, where we teach accredited business information to fitness entrepreneurs.

Key elements to building successful Membership websites

Shift and adapt new terminologies based on members’ needs
Accessible contact information with customer support
Prices in support of your business goals
Clear returns policy
Solid SSL and other security tools in place to protect your members from identity theft
Onsite SEO friendly development and offsite SEO strategy
Help members find their way around as your site grows up
Interact and engage with your members
Run group events and challenges
Call-To-Action should be very loud and clear
An “About Us” page that shouldn’t be boring
Contact Information That Is RIGHT THERE
A homepage with a clear and concise message


Natalie Minh Interactive specializes in the full lifecycle for membership sites: installations, customizations, launches, and ongoing marketing/technical support.

Experience matters

we have 10+ years experience in Membership website development using the latest website terminologies and standards, coupled with exceptional quality.

Responsive Design

We build Membership websites using responsive designs, ensuring a better and concise UI experience on mobile phones and tablets.

Easy to work with

We are just as passionate as you about improving your clients’ lives within the health/wellness/fitness niche. We speak the same language and share the same passions, which translates into an exciting, expertise-based partnership together.

 Free Support

We provide 60 day, free, technical post support to direct you through your website design or a Membership website project.

Face-to-face meetings

Distance and communication are never roadblocks. Working in USA business hours, our lines of communication are open in-person, video conferencing, phone calls, text messages, and emails.

Reasonable Prices

We charge competitive prices to build custom UI/full featured Membership websites. Our price quotes are based on the number of modules, complexity, data entry, and given timeframe, all lead by an experienced design/development team that can provide not only technical, but business expertise, when you need it.


As the saying goes, “If you think hiring a Pro is expensive, try hiring an Amateur”.. As experienced membership site developers, we have years of foresight to confidently commit and deliver on what we say, per the given timeline and budget.

Our featured Membership Websites

Below are a few of our membership websites that we have developed.

What Our clients say

It’s been a great please working with Natalie Minh Interactive agency. Natalie Minh Interactive and her team have been a great source in helping me build my brand and online business. They’ve provided me with all the resources and connections necessary to ... read more
frank medrano
I decided to work with Natalie and her team because when researching the industry I found that she was the best. In my initial conversation with Natalie, she took the time to answer all my questions and she even asked me questions to learn more about my projec... read more
vanessa chow
Huge shout out to Natalie Minh and her team at Natalie Minh Interactive. They just fixed my wordpress site so that it finally shows up on mobile devices. They got it done in 1 week no less and under budget. I am so amazed because I was having issues with this ... read more
camy kennedy