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3 Reasons You Need A Website Redesign in 2019

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We’re all Hoarders. Things which have been around for a long time usually occupy a soft spot in hearts, and never get thrown out, or upgraded. This invariably leads to cluttering of house and in the long run causes a lot of problems in day to day activities. For business owners the same holds true for digital presence and content.

Your company website directly affects the first impression potential clients develop about you, and with so many competing brands, you REALLY need to make it count. This is why you must keep your website updated and ready with all the components it needs to give users a good browsing experience. You probably don’t even want to invest in a new website now- but face it, you probably really need it.

A website redesign is a big step, but one which pays high dividends on the long run. Just in case you were on the fence about getting your website redone, here are 3 reasons it’s time you pulled the trigger!

1) Your Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

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This really  is a no-brainer. Latest research shows that 83% of Google Searches are done through mobile devices and tablets. If your company website isn’t Mobile Friendly in 2019, you can be pretty sure your only customers will be from the Flintstones’ era. People want to be able to get information when and where they need it, and if your website doesn’t fit the bill, they’ll look elsewhere in a heartbeat.

Get your website mobile and tablet responsive(if you haven’t already), and you’ll be surprised to find a sudden increase in your leads and sales. Here’s a great resource you can use to check how your website looks from various devices.

2) Outdates Third Party Resources.

third party tools

If your website is built like most others, it has several embedded third party apps to increase functionality. An example of a third party resource would be shopping cart widgets or a chat-bot. These apps may make your website much more functional, but you have to make sure they’re not slowing your site down. Often the old tools are outdated and don’t match up to latest standards. A slow website is a sure shot way to lose a lot of leads, so make sure you move on to more modern third party applications when you redesign your website.

3) Your Website Just Doesn’t Work Anymore.

broken website

A well functioning website HAS to meet a few standards:

  • Is it quick to load?
  • Does it provide users with a good experience?
  • Is it easy to navigate through the website?

These are some of the most basic questions you need to ask yourself. If you aren’t confident about the answers, you’re better off with a website redesign.

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If you don’t have a well designed, updated and smooth website, you risk losing hundreds of potential clients and customers. This is something you need to get done as quickly as possible- so get moving. If you need any help designing your new website or updating your old one, just click on the lion, and let the experts take care of it for you.


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