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With the majority of people consuming digital material on the move, ebooks are a new and exciting way to reach target audiences across a multitude of platforms.

Our clients love eBooks because of the very minimal overhead, no inventory, residual income, establishes market authority, and ability to sell across multiple platforms. eBooks have been called “the money printing machine” by my many clients who have implemented it for their business.

Whether you need a ghostwriter to bust through writer’s block, a striking design for your new manuscript, or transform an existing material into a visually stunning format, you’ve come to the right place.

Creative Ebook Design & Development

Experts of Creative Ebook Design & Development

NMI works with all types of health/fitness related content including cookbooks, workout training programs, self-help, workbooks, scientific manuals and even tracker journals. Our passionate ebook designers and development team will create a meticulously designed cover, visually engaging interior pages, and an easy-to-read format that renders beautifully on any screen size and device.

The end product will not only impress your readers but reinforce your brand identity, giving it a more refined and professional image.


Our Ebook Development Services

Are you at their concept phase where you have an idea but don’t know how to get started? Or do you have an ebook ready to roll but need help with the sales page and funnel? No matter where you are at in the ebook development process, we are here to help.

Ebooks are a key part of a online marketer’s product ladder and NMI has an experienced Project management, writing, proofediting, design, and coding team to lead your ebook and business requirements. With our proven eBook development process, developed from our years of experience and learned best practices, we take the guesswork out of what’s working NOW, simplify and speed up your timeline, so that you can come to market as soon as possible and generate residual income for years to come.


Our Services - A La Carte

Gost writing
Gost writing


In a time crunch? Writer’s block? Our in-house ghostwriter is obsessed with health and fitness just like you and has written many ebooks for brands that you already know. Our writer will consult with you to sync with your brand’s voice and content goals so that you can have less stress and increased product.

Proof reading


The difference between an amateur and a professional manuscript lies with the Proofeditor. There’s nothing more embarrassing, time consuming, and exponentially expensive than having your ebook being called out by your purchasers who found grammatical errors and made a public mockery about you and your work because of it. (Yes, we’ve seen this happen before!)

Make sure your well-written manuscript is polished and free of grammatical errors. Our in-house professional prooofeditor has a sharp eye for detail and will help eliminate grammar, punctuation errors, and keep your content consistent.

Proof reading
Book cover design
Book cover design

Ebook Cover Design

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover”, however we believe that having impactful and resonating first impressions will lead to generate greater interest, leading to higher likelihood of the sale. With our collaborative input process, our team will craft a beautiful cover that will give your ebook an instant appeal and visual impact.

Book inner page design

Ebook Layout Design

The interior is just as important as the cover. Our team, using industry leading software, Adobe InDesign, will ensure that the inner pages are presented in its best form for digital and print standard, making it a pleasure to read.

Book inner page design
Sale Page
Sale Page

Sales Page Copy

Do you need help writing tantalizing sales copy that makes your readers want to buy your eBook? Persuasive and comprehensive sales copy is an art that makes the difference between a dud and a best seller. When working with NMI, depending on your comfort level we can give you the blueprint of how to write best selling ebook sales copy (DIY) or we can do it all for you.

Sale page design dev

Sales Page Design & Development

You’ve seen those powerful, professionally designed sales pages that scream authority, comprehensive understanding of the readers’ problems, and value to the reader. When it comes to online selling, you want the sales process to be turn key and a professionally designed sales page helps you visually captivate your audience and convert eyeballs into sales.

Depending on your requirements, NMI can do simple templates to short to long form written and video sales letter pages with exciting 3D mockups and renders. Check out our portfolio for examples.

Sale page design dev

Ebook checkout funnel

We’re talking about what happens after the viewer hits the BUY NOW button. Depending on where you’re at with your online business, we got your back.

We’ve integrated and developed many different payment checkouts (domestic and international), upsells, downsells, cross sells, split payments, affiliate softwares, Infusionsoft, WooCommerce, DPD, Clickbank and so much more. Given the unlimited ways we can ultimately collect your funds, we take a consultative approach to your business requirements then make expert recommendations on what will work best for YOU.


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