BUILT & BENDY (Full Version)

November 17, 2017,

BUILT & BENDY Full Version Ebook Design and Development

Natalie Minh Interactive had an awesome opportunity to design and develop the Built and Bendy Full Version Ebook for wellness educator, yoga instructor, and CPT mental health advocate Claire Fountain.

What’s in the Built & Bendy Full Version:

  • Full Program
  • Nutritional Program
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Extra Videos and Picture
  • Extra Tips and Tricks from Claire

Claire Fountain, CBQUALITY, fell in love with yoga, in her Mississippi hometown, before ever stepping foot on a mat. She began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit as a way to overcome her own life obstacles. Claire is a Nike Coach and an in-demand professional athlete trainer.


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