Claire Fountain Fitness Website Design

Claire Fountain Website Design

December 18, 2015,

Title: Claire Fountain Website Design

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Description: Claire Fountain is a professional yoga, strength and conditioning instructor with a strong social media following. NMI designed and built the website allowing her to sell yoga & strength training programs online in a secure and automated format. Aside from the core website design and development, NMI also edited, composed and designed Claire’s various eBook based fitness training programs. The partnership is ongoing and many more updates are coming along regularly.

Claire Fountain Fitness Website DesignClaire Fountain, CBQUALITY, fell in love with yoga, in her Mississippi hometown, before ever stepping foot on a mat. As a way to overcome her own life obstacles, she began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit.

Living her life by the mantra “I want to feel good” from an early age, she found that the perfect prescription for doing so was through yoga and strength training. While getting a Psychology degree at Vassar College, she simultaneously received her certification in yoga, and later in personal training, so she could pass along her knowledge and findings. Teaching others how to feel the best in their bodies from the inside out, allowed her to inspire many to let their boundaries go, and get in touch with how yoga could work for them.

In 2012, she brought her innate passions to social media as a way of sharing her lifestyle, Trill Yoga, with a larger audience. Since then, she has amassed a large and loyal following, organically situating herself at the forefront of the fitness, wellness, and yoga industries. Claire creatively couples her intelligence with a strong influence of music and art to achieve her seemingly unconventional and innovative fitness approach. She currently works with everyone from professional athletes to the yoga novice. A trailblazer in her field, and possesses the unique ability to offer yoga to many who would have never thought to try yoga at all.


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