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Fit Strong and Sexy

May 22, 2015,

My business partner, Amanda Russell, is an Olympic trained track athlete whose had career ending injuries lead to her developing the YouTube hit channel – Fit, Strong and Sexy (FSS). She has an very comprehensive content fitness membership site with over 100 workouts, tons of easy to make recipes, full detailed Program and Shopping guide. Check it out at

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Fit Strong and Sexy Fitness Website DesignAs a female fitness icon, Amanda Russell is all too aware of what people see when they look at her: “People see this skinny girl, who seems overly energetic and travels all over the world with her workouts, events and engagements. They think, why bother? She’s already skinny. I can’t relate to her.”

Every girl has a relationship with her body- and Amanda’s was the skinny girl who looked like it was really easy to stay thin and be fit. But the reality is that her relationship with her own body and her experiences with it have given her the perspective, knowledge and compassion to do what she does. Above all, Amanda understands that feeling that we can all relate to; where you don’t know where to begin, because you feel trapped in your body, and uncomfortable in your own skin.


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