Healthy Food Club Fitness Website Redesign

Healthy Food Club

May 22, 2015,

Healthy Food Club eCommerce Website Design

Niki Adamkova, owner of HealthyFoodClub, an organic, Amish farm food collective. Her old website was selling both Farm & Non-Farm Products. She wanted to redesign the theme, and improve the payment & product ordering system.

Natalie Minh Interactive developed a custom design, mobile optimized ecommerce website with enhanced product organization, better sign up processing and order fulfillment system including email marketing software & social media integration.



Healthy Food Club Fitness Website RedesignBack in the year of 2000, Amos Miller and his dad attended a meeting where Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, gave an excellent speech on the importance of eating healthy food which was the start of where they are today. They enjoy good old farming the natural way. Their animals live outdoors on pasture eating the food nature intended, and they have shelter for them in the winter.
They hope you, as a member of their private club, can enjoy their large selection of fresh, raw dairy and 100% grassfed pasture-raised beef, plus fermented veggies, breads (some breads using soaked grains), and treats. They also carry the full line of fermented cod liver oils and butter oil by Green Pasture in Nebraska.


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