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Hyla Conrad

November 27, 2013,

Personal Trainer Website Design
Hyla Conrad specializes in helping you understand the way to reach a goal is about going against the grain and taking action, even when it feels like you are totally imperfect. What makes her unique as a fitness competitor, with her B.S. in Health and Human Performance from UofL, she has transformed her life from weak to strong. Not just physically but mentally too. After battling dark times her life filled with alcohol, false idols, and late night partying in her early 20s, she started down a path of further destruction where she judged her body and her food. Back then, she thought her only value was her body and the only way to be happy was to try and become perfect with her eating and training habits. She has overcome the negative and destructive ways, understands that no one is perfect, and reaching goals with balance is the best way to achieve lasting sustainable results. #swedishfishforthewin.
She believes in building strength through weight training and a No Foods Off Limits approach to nutrition. She can help you see the light when it comes to reaching your goals with a healthy mentality to eating smart, holding yourself accountable, and tracking your results. Self-control, moderation, and learning the basics of calories and macronutrients has helped her reach a sustainable lean physique that is stronger mentally and physically. She wants to share that with you. It’s not just physical, it’s so much more than that. Now she is on a mission to help women, like you, discover your strengths from the inside out while reaching your goals with food and fitness.


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