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May 3, 2016,

If you’re into hardcore gym training looking for a new advanced chest routine, check out my business partner @mikerashid’s guide “Overtraining Chest Assault”: an in depth, comprehensive 4 week wave of “Stupid Pump” worthy chest workouts expressed in great detail. It’s his best seller, no fluff, the kind of instruction that you would expect from a master trainer.

Iron Addicts Gym Fitness Website DesignThis is not your average gym, this is the best hardcore training facility in Miami with carefully selected pieces of equipment to ensure quality. At Iron Addicts Gym Miami you will be transformed mentally and physically. Trainers are available with knowledge in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Boxing, MMA, Nutrition and more.
Seminars will be taught by Masster instructors with education in training, motivation and evolving the ISYMFS philosophy to push yourself to your limits. This gym is for those who don’t want to be average, home of the hardcore, where ISYMFS is the philosophy that all members will live by. All others need not apply. Read more here.


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