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December 18, 2015,

Kratos Gym Website Design

Eddie Avakoff, founder of Metroflex LBC, wanted a design that would best represent his gym’s identity — Hardcore, West Coast design aesthetic, Clean, and Masculine. They named the new gym franchise to ‘Kratos’, after a mythical God of War. The goal was to create a new website that separates the focused and the dedicated from the others and for those who come to train, not to exercise.

Natalie Minh Interactive developed a mobile responsive design that meets all these requirements.



About Kratos Gym

Kratos Gym Fitness Website DesignLocated in the Nutrition Zone Headquarters, Kratos Gym and Training Grounds offers all of the state of the art equipment including – up to 150lb dumbbells, Olympic weights and bars, Cross-Fit area, Outside training area, Strongman Equipment including Atlas Stones and Aesthetic Training


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