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Melissa Paige

October 18, 2014,

Fitness Website Design
I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC., and I remember from early on in childhood feeling very different from everyone else and wanting so badly to be a significant part of something, without knowing just what that looked like at the time. I lost myself in adolescence trying hard to fit in. I got caught up in the “party scene”. The party continued until I was 28. I was drinking to numb my depression, quiet my anxiety and not think. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of restricted eating, binge eating, and insane amounts of cardio (hours a day). Then something remarkable starting happening that literally saved my life I discovered the world of fitness. In 2008 I decided, at 170 pounds, unhappy and lost, to get serious and pursue modeling in the fitness industry. After hiring a personal trainer and starting a normal workout regimen, my view was completely transformed. In 2011 I faced another life changing decision to quit drinking with help after coming to the hard truth that I was an alcoholic. That year I started on a beautiful journey in the practice of yoga, and it opened my eyes even more. This past year I was featured in publications including Canada’s top Fitness Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine online. I finally got enough courage after being coached the right way on my fitness, to compete in my first ever fitness competition! I competed for the WBFF Sacramento show this past June. I was shaking so bad on stage that I was sure the judges could see. I also tripped in my heels and bumped into one of my friends, who in turn almost fell off the stage lol! I still had the most amazing time, and managed to place 6th in that show despite my nervous shenanigans. I moved to California 2 years ago to pursue my passion of fitness!
My Why… My mission is to coach YOU to help you transform your life and reach your best health yet! There is a lot of bad information on the media. A lot that has lead a lot of women to crash diet, restrict calories, then binge eat, then feel guilty, then restrict calories, and repeat this cycle over and over. I know! I did it. I also tried a lot of “unhealthy” “fad” diets. NONE worked. The issue, first, health to me is an inside job. Transformation is from the inside out. In the past 10 years of personal training experience, coaching, and mentoring others, I have learned a lot. A lot I have also learned what not to do by trying it on my own. Hiring my coach literally changed my path on this journey, for the better. I wish to help other women the way others have helped me. I want the truth to come out. Work on the soul growth, the mental growth, and finally physical growth, and your life will be forever changed. Knowing I can change for the better by first changing my perspective on life makes serenity attainable to me. I wish to inspire YOU to confidently embrace your personal beauty and strength as you pursue your dreams by promoting health and positivity in the same light I have been shown. I am an open book with my story. I understand the struggle. I get the painful emotional eating cycles, feeling so tired you can’t even think. I get the feeling of wanting something so bad, you can touch it, but not knowing how to get there. I understand feeling overwhelmed and, at times, looking in the mirror and not seeing “pretty” staring back at me. I also understand life is a journey. I love to laugh. I love to grow. I also love to change to see what I am truly capable of.


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