Fitness Website Development

Natalie Hodson

October 18, 2014,

MRM Athlete, Superstar blogger Natalie Hodson wants a website with membership capabilities, better navigation and content organization. She also wants a private member’s forum where she can interact with paying users as well as Google Hangout to host live webinar events.

Natalie Minh Interactive developed a custom designed, mobile optimized membership website with social media & newsletter integration and features that meet her specifications.


Fitness Website Development
She is a mom to two young children (5 and 1.5), and she loves sharing her personal recipes, her workout routines, and encouraging others to make healthy decisions. On her blog she shares meals and recipes that your whole family will eat, tips for eating healthy, and ideas for exercising with a busy work schedule. She also put up blog posts like, “Embracing my Body Changes”, “My First Workout After Baby Was Born”, and “Stretched Skin After Pregnancy #ownit” where she opens up and talk about the struggles she’s faced throughout her weight loss journey, what makes her feel vulnerable, and how she’s pushed through her own challenges and insecurities to keep on with a healthy lifestyle. As the oldest of ten kids, growing up she was always active and running around with her siblings. She ran cross country and track in high school, and by my senior year she knew if she dedicated myself to running she could use her talent to help pay for college. Her family was able to bless her with many things, but money for college was not one of them. She was lucky enough to get a scholarship to run in college, and she ran cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track for four years until she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in history.
Fast forward a few years, she was married. She gained around 60 lbs with baby #1, and although she was so happy after he was born to have this beautiful little boy, she remember just looking in the mirror and feeling like the person she saw in the mirror was not the person she felt like she should be. She decided to train for a marathon. She started doing a little bit more research and learned about clean eating and lifting weights through my friend Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer. She completely changed my workout routine by doing limited cardio, lifting heavy weights, and she slowly started making changes to my diet. She was shocked at the great results she saw, and was hooked. Her site is constantly changing so she encourages you to visit often, leave comments, ask questions, and get involved. Coming very soon she will be releasing her own training programs and with recipe cookbooks, and much more!


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