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May 4, 2016,

Sally fell in love with fitness in 2010 when she attended a local fitness show and was inspired to begin her own fitness journey. Aside from pursuing formal education and certifications in fitness and nutrition to assist in her personal transformation, Sally also enlisted the help of several of the industry’s top pros and trainers in order to grow from their expertise and incorporate that knowledge into her own unique plans for herself and her clients.
Over the past few years, Sally has worked with women who have had varying fitness levels and goals- from wanting to compete to just wanting to drop a few extra lbs. Her philosophy is that each client is unique and therefore deserves customized, flexible plans that fit their needs, preferences, and goals. She does not use a “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to her individualized training and nutrition plans. Sally will work with you to create a new lifestyle, which will provide you with sustainable, lasting results.
If you want to be fit, sexy, and confident and open new doors in your life, let someone who knows what it takes help get you there. Read more here.

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