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Vertex Performance Systems

November 7, 2014,

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Fitness Revolution understands that you can’t have a great business without a great product, or a great process to deliver that product.  They know that you need both training and business resources to be a high-performing business and continue to refine yourself personally and professionally. Fitness Revolution provides you with both in one central location so that you can accelerate your career and elevate your team.
Their experts and faculty provide Fitness Revolution with training and business educational resources from the trenches.  The methods and strategies being taught are used by hundreds of fitness pros in their facilities and with their clients on a daily basis with amazing results. They also host National and Regional Live Events focused on business development and training education throughout the year to reach as many trainers and business owners as possible. Many of these events are held in their coaching members` local training facilities to allow the attendees to see what’s actually working now. They are #1 Fitness Franchise for Franchisee Satisfaction, Franchise Business Review (2012, 2013, 2014).




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