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Natalie Minh is superb and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who is interested in monetizing their fitness brand. She took me from zero to hero in less than a year. Since meeting Natalie Minh, she has helped me launch 7 e-Books, as well as a new website with a members’ section and monetized trainers.

If I hadn’t met her, I never would have realized my dreams… and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars.

Natalie Minh is my Fitness Fairy God Mother. Her dedication, knowledge, customer service and passion for going above and beyond is INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to embark on my next project with Natalie Minh!

Natalie Minh is FLEEK!”


Dr. Sara Solomon & BSN Athlete

If y’all don’t know who she is, you should get to know her… 

@natalieminh is a good friend of mine and an extremely valuable business partner….. I love having smart people around, and Natalie is brilliant… She’s the brains behind a lot of your favorite fitness folks success… And she’s a dope ass photographer….

We together are finalizing the 2nd phase of MIKERASHID.COM… This will be something you don’t want to miss out on…. Phase 2 will be launching in a week or so…. Make sure you follow one of the smartest people in the industry…


Mike Rashid
Co-Owner of Metroflex LBC
CEO/Founder of IMSOALPHA iX Supplements

Natalie is the one who designed my site. She has been amazing to work with. Her design team has been beyond patient with me and helped me create the whole site. I’m not a graphic designer and struggle with web things, but I knew what I wanted and they just made it all happen.

If you ever want start your own site, I would definitely recommend her. She made it really easy and she was the one who helped me monetize my site and audience. 


Natalie Hodson Writer & Fitness Model