About Us

We believe that by sharing solutions, borne from a passion, we can enrich lives…

Crazy right? making your dream a reality and bringing it to the masses.

Natalie Minh Interactive (“NMI”) is a Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County, offering brand planning, attention-grabbing ideas, innovative applications, products, and platforms that we combine with strategy, technology, creativity, and media to produce everything for brands and businesses need to navigate this awesome new digital world.

We are recognized as a Top California Web Design Agency on DesignRush.

Your customers have never been more connected to digital content than they are today. So why is it so much harder to actually reach them? That’s where we come in. We help brands reach their audience through meaningful experiences delivered in a fantastic interactive experience. We’ve worked with individuals and start-up companies by getting them off to a running start. We’ve also partnered with small/middle-sized organizations to expand their market reach via social media and web, improve conversion rates, and build out their team of influencers.



Our Working Hours


We are attentive and will respond to emails and support requests at any hour and day depending on the urgency. Though we try to organize our time to get the most out of each day, be assured that if you need your project to be done ASAP we are more than willing to pull ‘all nighters’ in order to get the job done.

We admit… we love what we do!

We Play By The Rules

All our work is produced using licensed software and we abide to all Global Intellectual Property laws.

Any NDAs or other similar documents signed with the client are strictly adhered to.


For most projects, our experience indicates that for a mutually rewarding engagement, 50% upfront payment ensures an awesome level of professionalism, commitment and genuineness towards the project.

We ask for the next 25% milestone once graphic design layouts are approved and are ready to move into coding. The final remaining 25% milestone payment is made when we are ready to go live which includes testing, solving bugs, and implementation on the test server.

We give an industry leading 60 day technical warranty for all our code, provided a third party doesn’t alter or change them in any way. Any technical bugs shall be addressed absolutely free of charge in order to fulfill all the functionality and design agreed upon in the initial mutual agreement.

Our warranty applies for up to 60 days after the full delivery of the product.