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Two years after launching our ecommerce company we were not converting customers at the percent we had in our business plan. We worked with another web development company to help us rework our key pages and after we launched a new site with them we still did not see the increase in conversation rate.

We had read about the Storybrand philosophy and decided to partner with someone who was an expert at Storybrand and who could help us build a solid, fast website. We interviewed four top companies and selected NMI Interactive as our partner. The top reasons we selected the NMI team was because they did their research and understood our industry, we liked their thought process on how we should be telling our story, we reviewed the sites they worked on and like the graphics and most importantly the copywriting.

I’ve launched 4 websites in my career and I’m excited to tell you that this was the best experience! The NMI team is was very organized, their communication was top notch and they were very responsive to any of our requests. And I must admit, we are high maintenance. We are very picky when it comes to consistency with functionality and the overall design of the site. The NMI team did a great job listening to us in the workshop process and achieved our vision of our new brand and website. The NMI team did a great job and we are very happy with our new website and most importantly – we’re converting at a higher rate.

I must also give specific shout outs to a few team members that made our experience so great. Natalie was amazing to work with and is truly invested in your company’s success. Her knowledge and expertise is not just about building a great ecommerce site and telling your brand story, she truly understands how to run a successful business. She went above and beyond and helped connect us with others in our industry and in her network. Aaron, project manager, was extremely organized, a great communicator and kept the project on the timeline and on budget.

I’m so thankful we found them and partnered with them to launch our new brand and website. I highly recommend them!

Tina Nibbe – Director of Marketing /

“It was a pleasure working with your team! Kathleen was wonderful. She is very thorough, she doesn’t miss a thing – since we communicated a ton to her! It is hard to find someone that dialed in to what we wanted and all the information we fed her. It gave us a sense of security that we have not had in a long time. We look forward to continuing the relationship as we grow our business and leverage your expertise anywhere and wherever we can.”

Jeff and Lisa Fisher /

“It’s been a great please working with Natalie Minh Interactive agency. Natalie Minh Interactive and her team have been a great source in helping me build my brand and online business. They’ve provided me with all the resources and connections necessary to take my business to the next level. I have trust and confidence that they always have my best interest. I’m thankful to have a team behind me that has my best interest in mind.”

Frank Medrano /
Digital Content Marketing

Natalie Minh and her team have been nothing sort of AMAZING. Natalie is a brand expert, design wiz, project management genius and has an incredible eye for details and creatives!

She listens to and understands the individuality of her clients and truly CARES. She has never missed a deadline and always comes through with better than expected results.

She is thorough and a brilliant add to our business! She has over delivered on all services she has done for us.

I have worked with Natalie for almost 6 years now and continue to expand my relationship with her and my team! I LOVE Natalie Minh Interactive and HIGHLY recommend her!”

Natalie Jill / Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer

Natalie Jill Muscle

“I have worked with Natalie and her team on multiple projects and have had nothing but positive experiences. They pay superior attention to detail and have consistently worked to help me achieve the vision that I want for my websites and products. Natalie herself always takes the time to make sure that all of my creative needs are met. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work with her and her team. They took so much stress out of the process of my business partner and I launching our business.”

Dempsey Marks /
Dempsey Marks

“Working with NMI was really a simple process which is very important to me because my expertise is health and science and definitely not “tech stuff.” I gave them my vision in the way I was able to express it, and NMI created a nearly perfect match to that vision. Any tweaks that I requested were made promptly, and when I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted or needed, I was given suggestions that were “spot on!” There is always so much talk about how important establishing the right brand identity is. Creating the right visual representation of that can be really difficult to achieve. Sometimes you know how to describe it, but you’re not sure how that might look. NMI knows how to create the visual representation of the ideas you have floating around in your head. I am so impressed and thrilled with the results.”

Dr. Venus Ramos / /
Dr. Venus Ramos

Natalie Minh is superb and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone who is interested in monetizing their fitness brand. She took me from zero to hero in less than a year. Since meeting Natalie Minh, she has helped me launch 7 e-Books, as well as a new website with a members’ section and monetized trainers. If I hadn’t met her, I never would have realized my dreams… and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars. Natalie Minh is my Fitness Fairy God Mother. Her dedication, knowledge, customer service and passion for going above and beyond is INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to embark on my next project with Natalie Minh! Natalie Minh is FLEEK!

Despite 4 years of tireless work attempting to build my fitness brand, I was not generating any income. In fact, I was losing income. I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. After just one meeting with Natalie Minh, she gave me ideas I could immediately implement to monetize my brand… and it worked INSTANTLY! If it weren’t for Natalie, I would have had to shut down Her sound advice and daily guidance have enabled me to grow my brand with confidence and explore even more exciting business opportunities. Natalie is truly a pleasure: her great sense of humor, connections, knowledge and experience take the headache out of growing a business. Natalie Minh is my daily GAME CHANGER! I have nothing but praise for this woman! Thanks to Natalie, I am following my passion in life!”

Dr. Sara Solomon /

Fitness Website Design Testimonial - DR. SARA SOLOMON

“Natalie is incredibly talented and super cool to boot. I’m working with her interactive company to relaunch Baby Train’s website in March, and her team has helped make the process easy and smooth so far. Looking forward to website launch”

June Johnson /
June Johnson

“I really cannot thank you enough! I love my site and am super excited to share it! I trully appreciate all your follow up and follow through. I will definitely be recommending you to friends/colleagues. Thank you! You and your team ROCK! Best web designers I have ever worked with”

Ursula Davi Myer /
Ursula Davi Myer

Natalie Minh built my real estate company’s website in 2014 and it’s unique style and functionality was singled out in multiple design award categories for custom word press themes in 2015 by various industry RE rating companies.

Natalie through her company Natalie Minh Interactive has also specifically consulted for me on my other highly visited websites and over the last couple of years. She was also a special consultant to the #1 Amazon best selling book of all time on Testosterone Replacement Therapy-The Definitive TRT MANual.

Her understanding of website design and the unique intricacies of e-commerce platforms and selling solutions is unrivaled. Natalie’s client list is a who’s who of successful entrepreneurs in many different verticals and niches. I can’t possibly recommend someone more strongly when it comes to working with a professional who will ensure your brand’s visibility and profit potential is maximized in the online space.”

Jay Campbell /

Fitness Website Design Testimonial - Jay Campbell

“I just spoke with a videographer to work on video for my long sales page, future project for me! I want to tell you, how much he PRAISED my website, he said it’s amazing! Everything about it, the call to actions, the photos, just everything! What you and your team do, and what Natalie has taught me changed my life forever. I am forever grateful for you guidance and expertise. Again, words can’t express…”

Hyla Conrad /
Hyla Conrad

“Just got off Skype with my website designer Natalie LosAngeles Minh to discuss the website! Very excited! She is the best 🙂 if you haven’t checked her work out, def check it out. She shoots and designs websites, very talented and highly respected woman In the fitness industry 🙂 My website is now live! Still working on updating my youtube channel, Instagram, etc. Thank you Natalie LosAngeles Minh for the beautiful website!”

Melissa Gearheart
Melissa Gearheart

I know I have a lot of you are business owners, or fitness professionals, and may have resolutions for 2015 to grow your business. I thought I would let you know about a gal, @natalieminh, who I worked with a few months ago who really helped me out with my own personal branding, marketing, and monetization of my site.

She does a lot of other people’s websites in the fitness industry (Ashley Horner, Dr. Sara Solomon, Sohee Lee, Sarah Vance, etc) . I reached out to her last year and she helped me so, so much. She has an entire team of people who can basically help with anything you need. For me, I am not a tech person at all – it’s kind of a language I don’t understand. They redesigned my entire website for me, designed both of my training ebooks, and did everything for getting the membership section set up on my site. Natalie has her MBA and is super sharp. I paid for a skype consult with her where she basically gave me her ideas on how she could help monetize my site and audience, and then if I decided to work with her that amount I paid her just went towards the cost of the services.

Anyways, I was just thinking this morning about how much her team has helped me and wanted to pass along her name in case you are looking for something like this, I would most definitely recommend her to you. I thought her pricing was very reasonable and they did everything for me regarding having a seamless set-up on my website where people pay with paypal, the pdf documents automatically get sent with the customer’s name time stamped on it, etc. Their designers were awesome and did everything exactly as I asked (Kathleen was my favorite developer on her team to work with). Anyways, I just wanted to pass it along and let you know I had a good experience with her. I don’t know Natalie outside of the work she did for me, but working with her really helped take my brand and business to the next level. The new site was exactly what I was hoping for and love it!”

Natalie Hodson /



Natalie Hodson

“The NMI group was wonderful to work with. They were able to assist me think through the functionality of the entire site.I am very grateful for their service and look forward to growing the site!”

Gary Warren /
Gary Warren

“Working with Natalie Minh and her team was such a pleasure! Everyone was incredibly attentive and so willing to help regardless of the number of times i changed my mind about something. The final product was exactly what I wanted and more and I couldn’t be happier!”

Leeron Lang
Leeron Lang

Working with NMI was a great experience! From the first consultation call with Natalie – to working with she and her team on my project – to post-live, it’s been a truly great experience.

To be honest, there are a lot of agencies that do really excellent work. However, what sets NMI apart in my opinion, is the business expertise and counsel that they provide throughout working with you. NMI works really intently to not only create the project you envision, but to lend their deep expertise to create a site that converts well and tells your story.

Lastly, if you’re in health & fitness, NMI is the agency to hire. Natalie and team are the best at what they do and they take pride in delivering a customer-centric experience and polished finished product.”

Anthony Matlock /

Anthony Cover

“Huge shout out to Natalie Minh and her team at Natalie Minh Interactive. They just fixed my wordpress site so that it finally shows up on mobile devices. They got it done in 1 week no less and under budget. I am so amazed because I was having issues with this for a year! Thank YOU! More blog post coming up and I’m getting ready to launch my first online nutrition course.”

Camy Kennedy
Camy Kennedy

“I have learned so much about myself and the business side of fitness all because of you. You have a true gift in what you do and it was a true blessing to have met you at the time I did. You and your team are amazing. My website looks amazing and there is no doubt I will keep improving and growing with you mentoring me and helping me along the way. I look forward to working and learning from you with the design and launch of my ebooks in 2015.”

Paul Hovan /
Paul Hovan

I would like to thank Natalie and her website developers for creating a professional looking website for my business. When I decided do venture off and start my own business, I was not sure how to put together a well- organized website. So I decided to use Natalie’s team because I had heard and seen first-hand about their work. They helped me from the beginning to the end of the website completion.

I really like being involved in the development. The team always asked for my input. They also provided me with some great ideas during the brainstorming phase. I was so impressed with the ongoing feedback and the continued communication throughout the process. The team also provided me with self-help tools so that I could continue to edit and expand on my website if needed.

Now, although my business site is up and running, I can still send the team email messages with any questions that I may have. You will not get that kind of assistance with just any web developer. I am very pleased with the final product and I am certain that if you decide to use Natalie’s team of professionals, you will be pleased as well. So if you are looking for a professional team to develop the best website for your business, then I would highly recommend that you use Natalie and her team of expert website developers.”

Monteena lane /

Monteena lane

“We recently engaged NMI Interactive to upgrade our website after working with Natalie last year during a photo shoot. Natalie was an amazing help personally in the initial planning stages. She could see our vision clearly and was able to direct and lead her design and technical team accordingly. We took our time with the project as we wanted to perfect the outcome and we found Natalie’s team professionalism and work ethic to be exemplary through the whole process. Nothing was too much trouble, even when we were being pedantic about the smallest of details!

We officially launched our new site and I am delighted to share that we have already completely recovered the entire cost of the site upgrade. Natalie is a class act and her business reflects this 100%, we will definitely be working with her again in the future.”

Kim Beach /
Kim Beach

“Natalie Minh’s energy is amazing! From the moment I met her, her love for fitness, and her vision to look outside of the box was contagious! She gave me the motivation & the courage to start up my business, and pursue my passion for Fitness! As a stay at home mom, I second guessed my abilities, but she gave me the confidence I needed and the guidance to get started! The website she created for me was amazing, her team was awesome and so responsive every step of the way! Natalie loves what she does, and you can see that in her work. I look forward to working with her again in the future, as I expand & grow my business!!!”


Highly recommend Natalie for all her services! I met Natalie backstage at a fitness show (Arnold classic) I was competing in 2010 because I was a fan of her photography. I introduced myself and she was immediately approachable and responsive through out our 1st conversation. She recommended me shooting with another photographer the following day which led to me landing 10 page layout and COVER! For someone who is a photographer she never once hesitated by recommending me shooting with another photographer because that’s how sincere she is. That shows a lot of character!!! We eventually worked together with photography, website and she has mentored me through out my fitness modeling career. I can go on and on how great it’s been working with her but I’ll leave it by saying…. if you want a professional to get your vision done with your photography, graphic designs and website- she’s your girl!”

Chady Dunmore /

Fitness Website Design Testimonial - CHADY DUNMORE

“The NMI team was always prompt and helped guide me in the right direction. While this was a huge project and a lot of work for all parties it turned out great, and I’m very happy with the look and navigation of the site. Even when the site was finished their prompt attention was very helpful and I know they take my project seriously. I’m so excited to share this project and continue to build the community.”

Alissa Parker /
Alissa Parker

“I decided to work with Natalie and her team because when researching the industry I found that she was the best. In my initial conversation with Natalie, she took the time to answer all my questions and she even asked me questions to learn more about my project. Her team was beyond amazing, they were patient and quick to respond to my needs and clearly captured my vision for my project and website. I highly recommend Natalie and her team. Natalie is the real deal, she is sweet, honest and genuinely cares about your vision and your project.”

Vanessa Chow
Vanessa Chow

I would like to respond to Kenneth Wayne Tenny (AKA Kenny T.) allegations against Natalie Minh Interactive. I have worked in the IT field for 20 + years. In addition, I personally had Natalie Minh and her amazing team build my website in December 2016, so I will comment on Kenny T’s allegations below based upon my interactions with Natalie.

1) “Website text randomly and arbitrarily change to wrong information”. The WordPress CMS system is not designed by Natalie Minh but rather a standards-based, open source system which thousands of commercial websites use.

As the old adage says, “Garbage in, garbage out.” With that said three things could be the cause: a) User error in modifying the pages or b) your browser cache was stashing your old pages away or c) You were viewing the website as the developers were performing modifications per your direction. The first two cases are user error, and the last case, they are updating the website per Kenny’s direction.

2) In Natalie’s screen shots of the email chain, Kenny APPROVED the website completion! That means, his concerns of 2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 and the comment of “There were so many problems with my website, that listing them all would make this review unusually long” are his “problem” since he approved the website.

3) For concern #10 about Natalie disputing everything is incorrect. Standard troubleshooting processes are for the customer to document the steps which cause the problem to occur. Without those steps, Natalie and her team may not be able to reproduce the problem, therefore can’t fix it. When my website was in development, my video was being chopped off the top and bottom. I took pictures and explained when and where the problem occurred. Natalie’s team was able to reproduce the problem and fix it. Other times, I had “old pages” showing the incorrect information. Based upon their direction of dumping my browser cache, my problem was resolved since I had an old page that was no longer valid.

4) As far as “Each of my complaints were met with Natalie Minh’s ignorance of the situation (she had no idea what was going on because she doesn’t oversee nor proofread the work she outsources to her Pakistan-based subcontractors.” Again, I disagree with this statement. When my website was built, Natalie and I proofread to ensure everything was perfect. All emails that I sent to Umar also went to Natalie. She tracked all emails verifying everything was performed as requested. If by chance, Natalie determined the developer may misinterpret a request, she stepped in to clarify. After that, my problem was resolved.

Natalie is a class act woman and she lives her life with integrity. As someone who has done business with her on numerous occasions, she has always gone above and beyond for her clientele when they were unhappy. Again reviewing the google document, Natalie went above and beyond what was required and agreed upon.

I honestly feel Kenny Wayne Tenny’s review is slanderous and libelous and calls into question the integrity of all his reviews on his profile.”

Peter Salama

Fitness Website Design

Hi, my name is Divini Rae, I am an online health and fitness coach, a mother of two, and an entrepreneur. I want to take just 60 seconds to tell you something that could possibly change your life like it has changed mine! Like you, I have so much to share with the world! I wanted to have a website where I could share my nutrition and fat loss tips, post free videos of some awesome workouts, and sell some great products. I wanted to find a company that could do design, programming, SEO, brand management, set me up with an online store and newsletter – basically do it all – at a fair & reasonable price. I did my research, which led me to Natalie Minh Interactive, a company that does it ALL and does it professionally, brilliantly, and fast! It’s all done online so it doesn’t matter where you live.

If you’d like to see a great example of the kind of work they do, check out my site, Natalie Minh herself is the brilliant, creative CEO of Natalie Minh Interactive. There isn’t a question she doesn’t know the answer to. She is one of the most fun, friendly, helpful people you could ever hope to work with, and she is also a celebrity photographer! She took many of the photos of me doing yoga poses that you see on

I’m telling you – Natalie Minh Interactive does it ALL. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact her today. Or maybe you’re like I was, and you’re just starting out. You have a dream, you have a vision board of goals and you know what you’d like to do, but you aren’t sure how to make it all happen and you’re getting frustrated and overwhelmed. If so, I totally feel you. I’m an artist, a health and fitness coach, an entertainer. Technology isn’t my strong suit. I knew that I needed to work with the best to make my vision a reality, and I knew I needed a team I could trust. Natalie Minh has given me business tips and advice that it would have taken me years to learn if I’d tried to do it all on my own. Contact NatalieMinhInteractive today! And don’t forget to say hi to me on Twitter! My handle is @DiviniFit.”

Divini Rae /

Divini Rae

“From the first time I spoke with Natalie, I knew I was in good hands. As a new business owner, every task was daunting and designing a website from scratch was no exception. Natalie literally walked me through the entire process with kindness, patience, and confidence. Words can’t describe how impressed I am by how Natalie and her talented team pulled together my scattered thoughts and ideas and created the most beautiful, clean and organized website I could have ever dreamed for. I’m simply thrilled with it and have already recommended her to a designer friend for their new business website. Thank you Natalie!!!”

DR. Shanthi Ahuja /
DR. Shanthi Ahuja

“Natalie, Kathleen, and the entire team at Natalie Minh Interactive have been instrumental in helping us develop our brand and giving our company it’s “digital home” on the web. As a digital healthcare company, our website IS our building and brick and mortar. After having not the greatest experiences without other web development companies, we have been thrilled at the professionalism, speed, and resourcefulness of this team! We could not recommend them enough!”


Hi Natalie,

Mudassar Ismail is definitely an asset to your company.

Besides showing a bundle of patience and good communication skills for those of us not as proficient with computer-ese, he made this experience for me very easy.

My website looks great, my shopping cart is fast and accurate, and now I’m ready for business again.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to help me grow my business.”

Mark Hogan /

“🤩Forever and always a BIG THANK YOU to Natalie Minh and Mudassar Ismail and team for designing my new website and making it absolutely incredible. I have worked with them for almost 6 years when I started my blog, and could not be more pleased with their work when I needed site updates, plugins, edits, and features. They were eager to provide guidance when I needed help and I could not be more thankful for their fast and professional services. If anyone needs website development, I highly recommend Natalie Minh and Mudassar Ismail for above and beyond work. 🤩 Thank you again.”

Erica Suter /
Erica Suter

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for your hard work on the website. We are having tremendous success with the new look and features.”

Celeste Bonin /
Celeste Bonin

We have been working with NM and Natalie Minh Interactive on multiple projects for the past 4 years. In such a specific and subjective industry where most of the time clients (including us) are not sure or clear with what we want or need, Natalie and her team have always managed to deliver a quality service/product. Our latest project is an international beauty brand where we hired NMI to design & develop a very sophisticated e-commerce store within set deadline, functional and optimized for the modern and competitive ecommerce market. I’d like to point out that due to multiple parallel project that our organisation has been working on the communication from our end has been awful what made things for Natalie and her team much harder to meet deadlines and deliver work but they were amazing at following up, sending reminders to deliver material and feedback so they could proceed with work and most importantly not give up on us when many other would.

By hiring Natalie Minh you are not only getting an Interactive agency but also a business leader, someone with major global and domestic experience in organization, project management, innovation, someone who will give feedback and help you convert your vision and idea into an actual product and brand. Ans most of all someone who is passionate and absolutely love what she does and always ready to help. I feel confident to say that Natalie Minh, her company and her team are among the most amazing things that have happened to our company and brands. I’d be happy to provide a list of projects that they have helped us with, including designing, developing and maintaining a Fitness, Medical, eCommerce and a beauty website, presentations, banners, photography for our magazine, retouching, IT development, Integration of different plugins and solutions for every and each of our businesses, SEO and so much more. THANK YOU Natalie and your entire team.

Binais Begovic, publisher of a magazine, and owner of multiple fitness and beauty brands.”

Binais Begovic

Fitness Website Design Testimonial - BINAIS BEGOVIC

“Thank you so much for a beautiful website. I am in awe over it everyday!! I know when we first got started I was not quite ready and I felt like I was jumping into too fast with other projects that I had going on and I know the site probably took longer then you would have liked it to take, but I am so grateful that you pushed me to do it. (Wow, long sentence ha ha) I mean all of this in the most positive manner. I love showing people my site and am so proud of it! I can’t wait to build it more. Now that the site it up – it pushes me to add more content to it – I know it needs it. I have a cool idea that I want to add to it in the new year. You and your team did AMAZING work and I hope you are proud too!!”

Jill Helman /
Jill Helman