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You want to share your passion

with the world but as your business grows, you are
bogged down with fitness marketing initiatives and noise that take you away from doing what you do best. We will build you a high-performing fitness website that will help you get more leads and turn them into sales.


We understand your mission

Let’s make your dream a reality and bring it to the masses.

Natalie Minh Interactive, a one stop shop where Marketing, Strategy, Media and Technology collide.

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What Our Customers Say

Frank Medrano Calisthenics Expert, Trainer, and Athlete “It’s been a great pleasure working with Natalie Minh Interactive agency. Natalie Minh Interactive and her team have been a great source in helping me build my brand and online business. They’ve provided me with all the resources and connections necessary to take my business to the next level. I have trust and confidence that they always have my best interest. I’m thankful to have a team behind me that has my best interest in mind.”

Frank Medrano

Calisthenics Expert, Trainer, and Athlete

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Frank Medrano Calisthenics Expert, Trainer, and Athlete

A Clear Brand Message Is the
Foundation to Successful Fitness Marketing

In a world where generic agencies design soulless websites and cookie cutter marketing collateral, NMI takes a step back to get to know what you stand for first. Then together we create a marketing experience that will transform brand, grow your business, and make your customers’ lives better.

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2. Get a Customized Marketing Strategy

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3. Make Your Impact


Trained and certified in the StoryBrand 7-step framework used by thousands of businesses to clarify their message and win more business.

Full Stack Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital Market

Full stack digital marketing is a term that encompasses the full range of marketing strategy and tactics, that lead to optimizing sales conversions.

Amidst the chaotic world of digital marketing, success comes down to understanding what to prioritize in order to really move the needle.

So let’s get down to the very fundamentals. Peel back all of the shiny marketing tactics and stop wasting money on poor performing launches.

All great marketing starts from a cohesive brand story.

Natalie Minh Interactive is StoryBrand Guide Certified and can help you develop your brand story, so that you can stop throwing your marketing budget to the wind and start maximizing your ROI.