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June 12, 2017,

Joe McKamey, owner & founder of Bet On Your Health, wanted to redesign his online weight loss betting website to become more professionally branded.

The website, allows diet participants to make bets to lost 3% or more of their body weight every month. Their bets contribute to a winnings pot, and based on their % of the pot and if they win, they will get the same % of the winnings.

With this, Natalie Minh Interactive developed a custom designed, mobile optimized website with parallax scrolling.

Check out


Bet On your Health Fitness Website Design

Natalie Minh Interactive (“NMI”) is a Los Angeles based internet creative agency, offering brand planning, attention-grabbing ideas, innovative applications, products and platforms that we combine with strategy, technology, creativity, and media to produce everything brands and businesses need to navigate this awesome new digital world.

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