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3 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips

With more than 600 million people using LinkedIn, this social networking platform  is the largest resource for professionals in ANY field to tap into. When you’re an online entrepreneur, this tool becomes 10x more powerful! So if you’re not on the platform already or if you haven’t been using it to its full potential, it’s time you fix this. The right LinkedIn marketing strategy can work wonders for your business and personal brand!

In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to improve your LinkedIn profile. Let’s jump in:

1) Optimize your profile:

optimize Linkedin

This may sound very simple and basic, but it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re focusing your efforts on the more advanced tactics. Whether you’re marketing through a company page or your personal account, it’s crucial that you tick off certain profile checklists that’ll increase your chances of getting noticed.

Let’s start off with a high-quality profile picture that’s relevant to your brand and personality. A profile photo on its own generates  21 times more profile views! Company pages can use the brand logo as a profile picture, but high-resolution professional headshots are best for personal profiles.

Don’t forget to include adding your current position, which can generate up to five times more connection requests. And don’t forget to include at least five relevant skills, as this might help you get more connections from recruiters and other LinkedIn members!

2) Get Your Employees On Board:

employees on board

LinkedIn is all about the connections you make. What many entrepreneurs don’t realise is that they already have an army of marketers ready for action! As the most reliable advocates of your company, your employees can play a critical role in increasing your reach and growing your network.

Get your team involved in the process: encourage them to add your company to their personal profiles. This automatically turns them into followers and helps your company get noticed on the platform. Plus, it’ll make it easier for your employees to engage with your company updates and share them with their connections. They can share news, articles or round-up posts featuring your brand!

3) Learn From The Best:

copy other Linkedin profile

Have a look at what other people in your industry are doing. Let’s say you’re a Fitness Entrepreneur. Search on LinkedIn for “Fitness Entrepreneur” and find the profiles which look great and successful to you. See what skills they are listing, or what their headline is. Try to notice what made you click their profile in the first place from the search screen. See if there are any important keywords you’ve missed, or if there are any ways you can make your skills look better.

Now take what you observe and use it on your own profile. Mix and match what works from many profiles and make your own success combination.

Your LinkedIn profile will be much better if you work with a known template for success. It’s a winning strategy that will help you immediately. Start with your own ideas but don’t be afraid to use some of the best of what other people are doing.

With the right strategy, LinkedIn can be a powerful engagement hub for both companies and entrepreneurs. These tips will give you some idea of how you can spice up your LinkedIn profile.


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