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3 Keys To Effectively Managing Your Website After Launch

Most online business owners think that once they have launched their website, they can sit back and take it easy. Is it really true? Let’s find out.

Research surveys show that most businesses fail to thrive due to lack of proper website management, and NOT because of a poor website launch. While website launching takes a lot of time and energy, if you truly want your website or app to succeed and grow, you need to consistently update and improve your site.

It’s important to steer your site in the right direction after launching it. To help you with the post-launch phase, here are 3 keys that will help you to effectively manage your website:


1) Create and Execute Marketing Strategies

Create and Execute Marketing Strategies

In order to succeed, you’re going to need a plan to increase your traffic as well as customers. Your launch may have made a huge mark, but how are you going to keep that momentum?

There are a LOT of online marketing methods for you to choose from.

When choosing which marketing method is best for your business, it’s important to start with the central question: “Where does my audience hang out?” By answering this you’ll be able to build a plan on how you can best reach your audience using the ways below:


  • Content marketing: This gives value to your readers via both onsite and offsite content. This is usually done in the form of blogs, eBooks, special reports, and guest blogs.
  • Email marketing: This usually goes hand in hand with content marketing. Gather your audiences’ emails so that you can sell them your services later on.
  • Social media: Social media is usually used to build a community of followers who you can then direct back to your website, or use as social proof to increase conversions.

Large social media followings take time to build but can be an incredibly powerful source of influence.

2) Understand the impact of the Web

Understand the impact of the Web

The web is one of the most important factors for the way you will do business in the future. It gives you the ability to be a truly global business. If you don’t grasp every new business opportunity, you will be a fossil in a few years. Make sure not to underestimate what will happen once you reach the goal of everyone, everywhere- connected.




3) Clean up any post-launch tasks

website management checklist

Since website launches are very stressful times, chances are you may have glossed over some crucial areas of your website,  it’s important to get these fixed as soon as possible. Here’s a checklist:

  • Checking site speed
    Having a fast loading website will improve the overall experience for your user, and help you rank higher in the search engines.
  • Double-checking all images
    Do a site run-through to ensure every image you’re using is the one you intended. To further enhance site speed you can use a tool like Image Optimizer to compress your images before uploading them.
  • Content run-through
    In case you have launched your site in a hurry, then your content might still contain errors that will throw off your visitors. Some basic things to check out include checking your content for spelling errors, ensuring your content is properly optimized for search engines, etc
  • Submitting your XML sitemap
     This helps the Google web crawlers more easily determine the structure of your website.


Technology is changing every day. Market research shows that the average website speed and hardware and software development doubles itself every 18 months. An outdates website becomes an easy target for viruses, malwares and malicious intrusions. These are speed-bumps on your marketing turf which slow down your website, annoy the customer, and cost you actual dollars!

NMI website management

This is where we come in. We will save you the time, headache, and frustration of doing the job yourself. We service every type of website and to us, no task is too simple or complex. Our team of highly experienced website managers are ready to take the challenge. We understand how important your website is to your business so we are here to ensure that its in best shape. Schedule a free strategy call from Natalie Minh Interactive today!

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