Fraud Blocker 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Membership Website 2021
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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Membership Website in 2021

A membership website is any part of your online business that contains restricted content (information behind a log in). A gate is created, which acts like a barrier to limit access to only those who pay or you decide to let in. Once inside, they get access to exclusive content and membership privileges.

For fitness entrepreneurs (or any healthy people), it’s actually just like joining a gym. Before you can start working out with the equipment and trainers, you need to sign up for a free trial or as a paid member. Once you have your membership ID, you can access everything!

Sometimes you can also have different membership levels. The basic starter level may give you access to all the fitness equipment, but the premium top of the line membership will allow you use of the sauna, steam room and massage centre!

Simple enough, right?

Membership sites work the same way. Before you can get access to full content, you have to become a member, and you can also offer different levels of membership with levels of benefits.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s find out if a membership site is a good idea for you!


1) Recurring Revenue and Passive Income:

time for money

For any entrepreneur/business, a source of passive income and a repeating monthly or yearly source of income is a HUGE deal. The potential of a successful membership website in creating a constant source of income for you, in itself is worth the set-up cost and effort!

Though it isn’t a rule that ALL membership websites include a paid component, there are some smart ways you can monetize your website. You can set-up a flat monthly (or yearly) membership fee, or you can break it down into small micro-transactions. An example of this would be if you provide the ability to teach courses to your members. You can charge a fee per course, rather than for the entire catalogue.

You could also choose to do a combination by providing free base-level membership with limited access, and make additional content available for an extra fee.

There are many combinations and variations you can use to monetize your membership website. The basic idea is you spend time and resources to create content ONCE, and set up some sweet recurring passive income. Your membership website works for you while you sleep!

2) More Buzz On Social Media:

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When you’re an online entrepreneur you understand the importance of social media. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of users spreading across MANY demographics and everyone is a potential client! The more your business is talked about on social feeds, the better your sales are going to be. 

A membership website is very useful in directing attention to your social profiles. A happy and content user is more than likely to click a share button after they are done successfully completing a course. This is a natural phenomenon, and will contribute to the organic growth of your website. 

Even if you find that your members are shy on social networks, there are many ways you can boost your presence using your membership website.You can create membership exclusive Facebook Groups, ask your members to tweet using an exclusive hashtag and set up social media share prompts in prominent areas across your website. You can even get creative and set up in-site rewards for members who go to bat for you on social media!

As word gets around on social media, you’ll find your membership website attracting more and more clients and loyal fans!

3) You Can Save Time and Resources Through Automation

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You’re probably already sold on the idea and concept of a membership website. The only factor keeping you from committing is that you don’t have ANY idea how much time  you’re going to have to invest.

Here’s the good news: All the heavy work comes only in the beginning. After that it’s just summer days and basic up-keep!

Automation has completely revolutionized the website industry. You can easily create workflows and processes to take care of everything after launch. Just develop a membership site that looks great and works smoothly, and then create and launch your courses/services. After this point on out, automation will take care of everything from registration, purchases and refunds!

WordPress is the best for this purpose, because it allows you to integrate several easy to use automation plugins into your website. Depending on your email marketing software and preferences, you may select the best plugins for your WordPress website!

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As a full service digital marketing agency, Natalie Minh Interactive offers a comprehensive Full Stack Membership Website solution, which takes care of conception, execution and management. This is for driven businesses looking to maximize their digital strategy.

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