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3 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Website Redesign in 2021

A complete website redesign means rebuilding your website from the ground-up, starting with the code all the way through to its appearance, functionalities, and user experience. Just as you’d renovate your office or shop, with a website redesign you’ll improve the look and feel of your site, add new features, and ultimately see more sales.

Here are 3 reasons why your business will benefit with a website redesign and help you gear up for 2021:


1) Your site is not mobile-friendly/responsive:

mobile friendly for website redesign

If your website is not mobile-friendly and responsive, you are overdue for a redesign. Last year, over 53% of all internet traffic originated from mobile devices. When there are over 5 billion people around the world carrying mobile devices, you have to make sure you’re accessible through any platform.

Mobile-Friendly doesn’t just mean your website loads and looks “okay” on a mobile phone or tablet. A mobile-friendly website should offer just as great (if not better) user experience as your desktop website does, with the same great structure and information flow.

You should keep in mind that poor performance on mobile devices can seriously hinder your SEO score and organic traffic.

Ever since Google announced mobile-first indexing, we know that it will prefer mobile-friendly performance when ranking websites. This means, if you want to be on the map in 2021, make sure you’ve done your website redesign and are mobile-friendly!

2) Slow Website Load Speeds:


The Internet is impatient. It’s been found that nearly half of all internet users expect a site to load in just 2 seconds. Most will leave your website immediately because it didn’t load within 3. Having a slow-loading website is simply unacceptable.

For a lightning-fast site, you need to design it with speed as a priority, not an afterthought.

While there are small changes you can make which will increase your website speed minimally, most of the times there are deeper issues. Because these are deeply ingrained into your website code and design, a solid remake is needed. Compression of images and choice of plug ins play a part in slowing down your website.

3) Poor SEO Performance and Low Rankings:

poor seo website design

If your site is ranking low in search engines and you’re experiencing a steady drop in organic traffic, that’s a clear sign that you need a website redesign. SEO is growing in importance each year, and 2021 will be dominated by the websites who follow perfect SEO techniques.

Making sure that your website is optimized for search engines is the only way to rank high on Google and generate long-term organic traffic.

SEO isn’t as simple as publishing great, keyword-rich content. Your site’s code and design play an essential role in a search engine’s ability to crawl, index, and understand your site. If your SEO isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you need to look deeper than blog posts.

With a fresh redesign, your site will start to climb up the rankings and quickly grow your organic traffic.



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