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3 Tricks to Self-SEO Your Website

Search Engine Optimization was a major factor in determining website traffic in 2019, and according to market research, good SEO techniques will be the key to marketing and branding in 2020.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO), if you don’t already know, are a set of technical tweaks you apply on your website, or blog, or photography page in order to make it more visible to search engines like Google. This directly translates to more traffic and better lead conversions for you, because when people Google something related to your business, your brand pops up on that list.

Great SEO takes practice and time, and your website can often benefit from personal consultation, but here are some moves you can do yourself and self-SEO your website today.

1) Capture Your Competitors Best Keywords

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Here’s a quick hack: Find a competing website that’s already ranking well in Google, and go through their blog. You’ll quickly see that their content is mostly based around a few keywords. Use a competitive research analysis tool like SEMrush and find which their trending keywords are. Now it’s time for you to divert some of that traffic by generating better content with the same hot topics that you pulled from your competing website!

2) Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts

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Technology changes overnight, so make sure you don’t get left behind. If your older content is no longer accurate or relevant, you may suffer the bite of many negative comments and lose a lot of traffic. So always remember to go back and update your blogs with the latest developments and information. 

Generating fresh now content every day or week is quite difficult, and after a while you feel like you’ve run out of topics. This is when you should repost some of your older content, and use the free time to research more topics you can use later. Just make sure you aren’t sharing old inaccurate info when you repost!

3) Publish Content With At Least 1,800 Words

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It goes without saying that longer content has an edge over short 300-word blog posts.

Long posts show Google that you’re providing in-depth information for the searchers. In addition to that, in-depth content flips an emotional switch that pushes people to share online content. Publishing long posts with at least 1,800 words would ensure that your post receives more audience due to increased shares.

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There we are! 3 simple hacks you can do yourself to organically improve your SEO. Let us know if you have any other secret tips which work for you!

If you want professional help in evaluating your website, creating an SEO strategy, optimizing your website and analyzing the results, we would love to work with you! Natalie Minh Interactive is a full service digital marketing agency, and an expert in the field of SEO optimization and website management. Click on Lion and Connect with us today!

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