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grow your business organically

3 Ways To Grow Your Business Organically

Setting up your own business isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s demanding, difficult, resource intensive, and time-consuming. Once you’ve created your perfect business, you have to make sure it has the ability to grow. If you can’t grow your business organically, you’ll find that you’re not running a very successful business!

Some small business owners may be looking to grow their new businesses as quickly as possible, but spending marketing dollars in fuelling paid ad campaigns isn’t feasible for long periods of time! Organic growth is a lot less risky and can still allow your business to attract new customers and develop new products at a pace that works for you.

Here are three things you can do to grow your brand organically:

1) Spend Time On Your Website:

grow your brand website

If you want your business to grow, you have to be where your people are. Unless you’re selling and shipping rocks to the Dark Ages, your customers must be on the internet! For many potential clients, your website will be the first point of contact they have with your business and brand. So you should definitely spend time making sure that your website is the most welcoming and informative place!

When creating your website you need to keep many things in mind. It must be aesthetic, message friendly for your brand and easy for your clients to navigate. You also need to have a solid back end structure and support ready to keep running no matter what. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can change your revenue curve drastically. Make sure you optimize your website, and content for mobile/tab devices. Basic SEO is a must so that you can get picked up by engines and rank organically.

2) Use Social Media Properly:

social media to grow your business

Social media can be an amazing tool for you. It is an affordable way to grow a small business, if you use it correctly. Step one: find out where your audience is most active. They could be mostly Facebook based, or maybe they are more active on Instagram. Once you know this, you can work toward building your brand presence on those platforms.

The only mantra you need to follow to do well on social media is: Provide Value. You need to start creating content which is actually useful for your audience. Too many promotional/salesy content will drive away followers. Learn how to craft intelligent CTAs, create high value content and you’ll find many new leads!

3) It’s All About Networking:

networking for business

Networking with other business owners isn’t in everyones comfort zone, but it is something all successful people do well. Practice and perfect your elevator pitch- you never know when you’ll meet someone. Take some out every week and check what your competitors and peers are doing. Make sure you know if any business related events are going on.

Networking is very important if you want to grow your business organically. You never know what doors can open up for you- all you need to do sometimes is knock.



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