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3 Website Design Best Practices For 2020

In the 2020 global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have an online identity. You need to build your online presence if you want to increase opportunities and capture leads! A functional, interactive and well optimized website is the need of the hour! A quick market survey showed us that the Internet is swarming with poor websites, that miss both the technical and content milestones. Clearly, where all of them went wrong, was when they didn’t pay attention to website design!

Is your website on the list? Go here, enter your website, and find out how your website is doing.

It’s time for you to help end bad websites, once and for all. A well optimized, mobile friendly and content ready website can take your business to new heights and help you reach all your sales goals!

Here are 3 website design practices which are important for your business in 2020:

1) Mobile-First Design

mobile first web design

Designing your website to be mobile friendly and responsive should be a priority, and not an afterthought. According to statistics, as of 2020 mobile usage accounts for 58.8% of all Internet traffic.

Understanding how your visitors interact with your content is the key to making your website effective, enjoyable, and easy to use. Since the majority of your audience will be using their mobile phones to access your website, it makes sense to make sure they have a good experience.

There are a few restrictions when you’re designing for mobile. The screen isn’t as big, people interact with content differently than they do on a desktop, and so on. But, these restrictions can be a good thing. They make for a leaner, more compact and often, a better looking website.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly website already, you should move quickly. Get in touch with our mobile website design team at Natalie Minh Interactive today to find out exactly what’s needed for this optimization process!

2) Clear CTAs

call to action

Your calls-to-action (CTAs) have one job: convince your customers to invest in you. Whether it’s by triggering a purchase, or by convincing visitors to subscribe to your content- a good CTA can only help your business!

So, how do can you make your CTA work for your business?

Let’s use the CTA above as an example:

Here’s a breakdown of the entire thing.

  1. The offer is immediately clear and visible: The messaging is enticing users with exclusive access to new arrivals, sales and ,much more! This language sets the stage for the next part.
  2. A bold and prominent CTA button in a highly visible location. It is instantly obvious. To drive conversions, users are incentivized to enter their email address and get started immediately.

Push your users to take action with a powerful CTA and you’ll see much stronger results.

3) Storytelling

Natalie Minh interactive storybrand


Since the era of cavemen, stories have been the most common way that humans make sense of the world and connect with each other. Every one loves a good story!

The very best stories are the ones that impact the audience on a personal level. Using this style of marketing allows you to connect more effectively with customers by leading with storytelling rather than with facts. StoryBrand is a tried and tested marketing framework which is derived from this concept. Created on the principle of infusing personal experiences and qualities into the brand, the StoryBrand framework helped tens and thousands of organizations accelerate their marketing and reach their targets!

In Feb 2019, Natalie Minh, CEO, went ahead and underwent training to become and official StoryBrand Certified Guide! Natalie Minh Interactive now helps other brands design their websites following the StoryBrand framework. This process is targeted at:

  • Positioning their customers as the Hero.
  • Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Engineering and executing Email automation/nurturing campaigns.
  • Designing sales funnels to lift their customers through their product ladder.

Using the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework, Natalie Minh Interactive will clarify your message and quickly define how you understand their problems and can bring your customers to their desired outcomes. Get in touch with the NMI Team today and watch your sales grow!


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