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4 SEO Hacks For Your Website

Pretty much everyone has a website in 2019. Be it blogs, photography websites or e-commerce sites, the size of the Internet is rising rapidly every year. If you want your website to be visible, you need to get in on the first page of Google Search- Period! This is where SEO comes in!

Here’s where smart SEO techniques play a huge role. Search Engine Optimization is essentially “hacking” the search algorithms by making some small changes to your website or blog. Optimizing your website for SEO should be a very important part of your marketing plan.


Here are 5 easy tips to get you started with SEO :


1) Keywords For SEO:


Keywords and Keyword Research

Keywords and Keyword Research are the primary fuel behind your SEO campaign. Search Engines directly compare user’s search parameters to your website’s keywords, and the higher the match, the higher your page ranks on that list. Add smart keywords to all your pages. They should be relevant and to-the-point.

Quick Hack: Research popular and trending keywords and build your content around them. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner and UberSuggest to research keywords. You’ll get better at this with practice, and then you’ll see your website traffic increase substantially.


Make your website mobile-friendly:

mobile friendly


Gone are the days when people used to switch their desktops on for internet-related work. People can now do that almost anywhere and everywhere using their smartphones. Since a cellphone is now within the reach of almost every human being, most of your website traffic will also come from mobile users. You need to optimize your website to receive and handle this extra traffic. Everyone hates those web pages which don’t fit properly on their phone/tablet screens- so make sure your website isn’t one of them!


Hot and Fresh, Please!

hot and fresh content


Social Media started trending because it gave people something new to interact with every hour. If you want to engage your audience and make your website a high-performing one, you should set up new and relevant content to your blog and pages. If you aren’t big on content, you can always outsource the work. Here’s a resource you can use to improve your content skills. A well updated and popular blog is a very important SEO differentiator- so put serious thought and effort into growing this part of your SE campaign.


Slow and Steady LOSES this race:

slow and steady

Competing websites are very similar in many aspects. Both teams produce similar content, use the same catchwords and do everything to optimise themselves. In these neck to neck races, it’s the faster website that wins the higher rank on search results.


Speed up your website and gain some valuable SEO points. Here’s a resource you can use to find out how to reduce loading time and speed up your website.

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If you need help creating an SEO friendly website from scratch, or if you just want to SEO optimize your old website, Natalie Minh Interactive has you covered.We are a full service digital solutions agency, and we are recognized as a top California Digital Marketing Company on DesignRush.

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