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Emotional Marketing

6 Strategies to Make Your Campaigns 10x Better

Each day, consumers receive countless messages to persuade them to make a purchase. If most of your competitors follow the same strategy, how can you stand out? Tap into emotion! There is no better way to connect with consumers than through their emotions.

What Is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing primarily relies on emotions to convince the audience to notice, remember, share, and buy. It can contain anger, happiness, or compassion to make products or brands more meaningful and impactful. The use of emotions in marketing materials, such as ads, can encourage consumers to take actions, such as:

• Buying a product
• Subscribing to a service
• Following your social media channel
• Signing up for a newsletter
• Making a donation

6 Strategies to Make Your Campaigns 10x Better

1) Get to know your audience

Analyze your target audience thoroughly. In order to know which emotions will resonate with them most, you need to identify their pain points or preferences. If you don’t know how to do it, hire an experienced digital marketing agency or hire digital marketing experts who can assist you. Use these persona templates to clearly map out who you’re talking to.

2) Tell a story

People are drawn to stories with lovable characters, exciting plotlines, or relatable themes. Whether you’re creating a blog or a video, telling a story that inspires your audience or evokes empathy can bring your brand to life and inspire them to take action.

An example of a heartwarming piece is MetLife’s commercial “My Father is a Liar”. With the tagline “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice”, MetLife’s advertisements appeal to parents and families who will do anything to provide for their children.

Tell a story

3) Pay attention to creative design

With the creative use of different colors in your marketing tactics, you can use color psychology to enhance your emotional appeal.

Consider the Coca-Cola red or Starbucks green. Love, excitement, and joy (as well as anger and warning) are all associated with the color red. With Coca-Cola, red signifies positive energy and friendliness. The color green, on the other hand, represents harmony, balance, nature, growth, and health, all attributes of the Starbucks brand and the “green” movement.

Pay attention to creative design

Source: Huffington Post

4) Create a movement or community

By using emotional marketing, you can create a movement or community around your brand. By creating a bandwagon effect, it keeps people interested in what the crowd is doing. Feelings of camaraderie, acceptance, and excitement can also contribute to brand loyalty.

This sense of community is well crafted in TOMS. When you purchase a pair of TOMS, you’ll not only help someone in need but you’ll also join the TOMS community.

Create a movement or community

Source: TOMS Marketing Strategies

5) Inspire your audience

Inspire them to reach their dreams, goals, or visions by creating motivational campaigns. Businesses should be able to understand how their product supports consumers in achieving their dreams to successfully target aspiration as a marketing strategy.

Through its “Red Bull Gives You Wings” campaign, Red Bull executes this approach effectively. The campaign features real-life stories of athletes reaching their goals.

6) Project an ideal image

An effective marketing plan shows how a product or service solves a problem. Great emotional marketing makes consumers feel good about using your product as well as feel good about choosing it.

Brands like Old Spice use the concept of “ideal image” to market their hygiene products. With the Old Spice commercial, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, if you use Old Spice products, you might be as accomplished, handsome, and suave as the actor in the ad.

Now it’s your turn

Marketing with emotion can be successful if you know your audience and identify the emotions they resonate with. If you’re not sure how to apply the emotional appeal principles to your advertising campaigns, schedule a FREE 30-minute call with me today or drop a message here. Let’s get your business going!

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