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9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Today, people mostly rely on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to get information on the internet. Google is by far the most popular, accounting for about 6 out of 10 searches.

Therefore, if you don’t have a website for your business, you’re likely missing out on a lot of opportunities. As 93% of business decisions begin with these search engines, you are only selling to 7% of your market if you don’t have a website. Yes, you are reducing your potential business size by 93%. 

Here are 9 reasons why having a website can help your business grow: 

1) 24/7 Online presence  

Being accessible anytime, anywhere is a great advantage for your business. Even outside of business hours, your audience will be able to access your website, read what you have to offer, and avail of what you provide. Websites are always working to guarantee that visitors are served in the comfort of their homes.

24/7 Online presence

2) 24/7 Customer service

Many businesses receive calls from potential or current clients inquiring about their location and hours of operation. However, you may not receive the call all the time, which could upset your clients. A website can help businesses reduce the number of calls they receive as well as boost internal efficiency.  There are various ways to offer customer support on a website:

  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions from the customers are posted to the website. It allows you to save time and resources while still providing information and assistance to your customers.
  • Chatbots – An automated system that provides customers with answers to their queries by using template answers. Chatbots provide important information such as sign-up procedures, product/service information, and so on.

24/7 Customer service

3) You can clearly showcase your products and services

More than 50% of customers expect a brand or business to have an online presence so they can access its services. One of the most appealing features of a website is how easily it provides customers with access to information. The purpose of a website is simply to facilitate communication with customers and to provide them with information and resources. There are several ways in which websites help you exchange information:  

  • Customers are informed about the latest offers on products and services through advertisements
  • Newsletters informing customers of upcoming events and news
  • Customers can use contact forms to inquire or request information

Showcase your products and services

4) Establish credibility and build trust

Credibility is one of the reasons why you should have a website for your business. There may be several providers that provide the same service as yours. The best way to stand out is to have a website that looks good and conveys quality information to your customers.  

Websites allow you to make a great first impression and reassure customers that you are a legit business. To take it a step further, clients are more likely to trust a company and use their services if their website has superior features and navigation. 

Establish credibility and build trust

5) Increase your chances of getting leads

If you have a website, anyone in the world can find your business. selling online will significantly expand your customer base. When people find you online, become interested in your product or service, and see the information on your website, they will know how to contact you, which gives you the chance to increase your sales. Despite the fact that websites have a cost, they offer a positive return on investment when used effectively.

Chances of getting leads

6) Display your portfolio, best reviews, and testimonials

Don’t merely use your website to offer things or services. Create a portfolio of your work to show your accomplishments and how you’ve helped your clients succeed.  Showcase your best reviews and testimonials prominently on your website to establish social proof. Prospective clients will be more likely to trust your business because they have read good reviews from your previous clients.

Your website also serves as a permanent archive for your best reviews. If third-party review sites close at some point, you’ll still be able to access your best reviews.

Portfolio, best reviews, and testimonials

7) Your competitors probably have one

64% of small business owners have their own website, whereas 36 percent don’t. This means that the majority of small businesses do have a presence online, and it’s likely that your competitors have a website that is appealing to people in your area. In order to stay relevant and competitive within your field, you need a powerful online presence for your business. 


8) It can encourage leads to contact you

Websites make it easy for potential customers to find your contact information. You can even publish your contact information in the header or footer so that it appears on every page. A company’s website is like its digital business card: customers can reference it again and again for contact information, employee names, services offered, etc.

Encourage leads to contact you

9) It can help your business grow

A website is an important part of bringing in new customers and expanding your business. Most small businesses that have launched websites are satisfied with the results. Studies have shown that small businesses that launched websites saw their business grow by 81 percent, and 97 percent of small business owners would recommend having a website to other small business owners.

Business growth

Do I need a website for my business? 

The customers you serve are online, and your competitors are online, so, if you are not there to intervene, your competitors will connect with your customers, leaving you behind. 

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