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  • Clarify the brand and create a clear, compelling company message.
  • Develop a high-converting copy that connects, persuades, and turns leads into paying customers.
  • Improve overall aesthetic, and user experience to make the website more engaging to boost conversions
  • Design the Neck Device Landing page for mobile, desktop, and tablet using Storybrand principles, including wireframes and XD design.

About the Client

Fisher Traction was created by California Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Fisher, who has been practicing for more than 30 years and has treated and helped over 300,000 patients experiencing back and neck pain.

Dr Fisher invented the Neck device after suffering from an acute spine related sports injury. After not being able to sleep for days due to the pain, he hand crafted the very first prototype of what is now one of the safest, strongest,and most effective neck traction devices on the market.

Later, his wife and two sons developed herniated discs, which led him to develop the Fisher Traction Lower Back Device. After several years of testing, product improvements, and patent approval, the Fisher Traction Low back and Neck device was ready for the market.

Dr. Fisher believes that everyone should have access to simple and effective solutions for pain-relief and long-term health.

Services Provided

Fisher Traction’s goal was to redesign its neck device to enhance the overall aesthetic, and user experience to boost site conversion.

NMI gave Fisher Traction Neck Device a more branded look that features the product, and its benefits. It also has improved storytelling integrated into the homepage for easier conversions. The page is fully mobile / tablet responsive, page speed optimized, compatible with all major browsers, and SEO friendly.

Shopify Development

Responsive Design

Story Brand

Speed Optimization

It was a pleasure working with your team !

Kathleen was wonderful . She is very thorough, she doesn’t miss a thing – since we communicated a ton to her! It is hard to find someone that dialed in to what we wanted and all the information we fed her. It gave us a sense of security that we have not had in a long time.

We look forward to continuing the relationship as we grow our business and leverage your expertise anywhere and wherever we can.

Jeff and Lisa Fisher
Fisher Traction