Fraud Blocker Salt Sisters - Natalie Minh Interactive


  • Establishing s.a.l.t. sisters as a leading seller of Natural Sea Salt & Gourmet Seasoning.
  • Broadening email marketing scope and quality by introducing separate Email nurturing campaigns for pre and post-sales customers.
  • Enhancing UI/UX based on Storybrand copy and best practice UI principles for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Creating a fully custom Shopify site with both retail and wholesale store functionalities.
  • Migration of all customer data, including order history, to Bigcommerce.

Over the last three decades, sought-after culinary and nutritional health expert Charmane Andrews Skillen studied the relationship between wholesome nutrition and optimal physical health. Her extensive experience with mineral-rich sea salt led her on a mission to share the benefits of sea salt versus refined table salt, through sumptuous flavor blends.

The result was s.a.l.t. sisters, a health-focused company that creates rich gourmet seasonings with flavor-enhancing, unrefined sea salt.

s.a.l.t. sisters hired NMI to improve their e-commerce organization, branding, messaging, and website visibility. NMI crafted Storybrand based copy, applied custom functionality throughout and imported all of their Bigcommerce site data into their new Shopify site.

The Results

The site, which includes custom-designed pages, fully mobile and tablet responsive, as well as Google page speed optimized and SSL-secured. The e-commerce Shopify store is also search engine optimized.

The website features a user-friendly site structure, and strong calls-to-action messaging and marketing psychology. To build trust and credibility with s.a.l.t. sisters’ audience:

  • Storybrand copy and UI best practices were used to develop the site.
  • Full migration of data from the old BigCommerce store.
  • After visitors land on the website, a delayed popup appears that offers a 15% discount to entice the viewer to purchase.
  • Klaviyo, a best-in-class email marketing software, was integrated and setup with customized flow for automated audience nurturing.
  • On the Products Page, custom filters were added to make it easier to sort through the extensive line of products.
  • Created 80+ product pages and inventory on the front end – adding all products on the store along with their respective details like price, SKU, images, etc, and a brand new template including recipes related to products.
  • Designed interactive templates for s.a.l.t. sisters’ recipe-based blogs which include blog printing and social sharing.
  • Wholesale Shop Integration Offers wholesale discounts on selected collections and products, with multiple pricing levels and customizable order minimums.
  • Setup of wholesale only for specific products.
  • Creation of a partner store where only certain products are displayed for specific s.a.l.t. sisters’ partners.
  • Set up cross-sale offers on the website, where users are offered recommendations once they add a product to their cart.
  • Custom UPS and USPS Shipping Integration for end-to-end fulfillment.
  • Re-designing of the cart page on an exciting new custom design.
  • New customers have the option to receive free/discounted products at the checkout.
  • Search engine optimization was used to rank the website on different search engines and increase organic traffic.

Thanks to Shopify’s easy-to-use backend and mobile app, shop owners can monitor sales and customers in real-time.

Services Provided

Responsive Design

Search Engine Optimization

Web Development

Speed Optimization