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Facebook Contest By The Numbers

Increase User Engagement With Facebook Contest

Why Facebook Contest Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook is by far, the most popular and the biggest social media site right now. Amazingly, this social networking site has now about 1.06 billion active users monthly, an increase of 25% from last year. No wonder marketers and businesses are flocking to the site and seeking their fair share of the market. Convincing and sending people to your Facebook page is a big challenge and one way to do it is to create a Facebook contest. made a survey about how effective a help you reach your goal.

Facebook Like Contest

Surprisingly, more than half of the surveyed page admins did create a Facebook contest on their page and about 82.4% of them says that they have reached their goals with it. Another interesting to note is that 44% of the contests involve increase in “Likes” with an average increase of 28.7% after creating a Facebook contest. Most of these contests are in the form of sweepstakes and the most effective incentive type is in grand prize form like Plasma TV or iPad. Consider trying these simple contest ideas on your Facebook page and see how your goals are met.

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