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How to Combat Your Declining Social Media Traffic In 2020

Hello Millennial Entrepreneur, here’s a business fact you’ll need in 2020: Your Social Media Traffic is Declining Everyday! Your importance in the market is directly proportional to your social media reach, so it’s time to put on your A game and deal with the problem in the most effective way.

Here are a few ideas you can use to combat your declining social media traffic in 2020:

1) Go Live( I mean the videos )

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Going live on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is a great way to get your audiences to interact with you. The audience is always looking for opportunities where they can talk to people who are the face behind the work that goes into creating something. Live videos are a perfect chance for them to do so. Moreover, creating a buzz about ‘going live’ can also gather more interest from your audience.

2) Influencers Assemble

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Every industry has some people who have the power to influence audiences in a positive or negative way. Your job is to find the kind of influencers who will be able to attract your target audience point them to your brand. This might not be an instant fix for your declining social media traffic, but if you, for instance, make a series of videos with different influencers then with time your social media presence will start increasing because of these collaborations. 

3) Don’t Spam

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This is one of the most ignored suggestions- but an important one. To manage a successful social media platform, you should know the difference between spamming and marketing. How not to spam? Solution –> Step into your audience’s shoes. Put yourself in the position of a customer, this will help you discover what audiences like and what they don’t. Make sure that your content is always valuable. This will teach you the difference between spam and marketing.

4) Consistency Is Key

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One of the main problems with social media pages is that they do not remain consistent. For instance, if five posts are put up one after the other in 2 days, the next five posts are put up after a month. It is such behaviour that hinders your social media growth. You should be consistent and regular in posting content, replying to messages, and generating traffic.

5) Reports and Analytics

reports and analyticsThe final step that you should take at the end of every month or at regular intervals is to make reports on your social media activities and analyse your growth accordingly. This will help you better your performance in the next segment and rectify your mistakes. A great tool for social media analysis is HootSuite and SocialBee!







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