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Marketing Your Business When You’re Just Starting Out

When you’re just starting your online business, you often don’t have a lot of influence in the market or a big bunch of dollars to drive your marketing machine. You need to think smart and spend your marketing and branding budget wisely. A good entrepreneur can take limited funds and make the most out of it!

Here are three actionable hacks you can use to boost your marketing when you’re just starting out!

1. Create Contacts:

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Making contacts should be your go-to tactic when you’re a new entrepreneur. The world today works in a way where certain people control power in certain areas. Your goal is to get in contact with these people and connect with them. A great example of this is: If you’re working in the fitness industry, and you have to market your product, then the first step to achieving this is by getting into the inner circle of fitness influencers. Once you gain recognition in this crowd, you’ll be able to market directly to a large audience! 

2. Social Media: 

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Social Media is one platform which can make or break your marketing game. Regardless of your brand’s status in the industry, it is important to maintain your social media presence. When you are new to the industry, get some creative ideas by stalking the social profiles of your competitors. Make a note of what works and what doesn’t. 

Start posting content on your page regularly, and make sure that it’s fresh and fun for your audience. Don’t know what you should write about? Check out tools like BuzzSumo and get educated on the latest social media trends and hashtags!

3. Customer Engagement: 

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“Customer is King” is a common phrase you should know if you’re trying to sell anyone anything. At the end of the day, you are making products and providing service to customers and your ultimate goal should be customer satisfaction. To satisfy your customers, you need an amazing quality produce, a great marketing and branding plan and excellent post sale support!

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