Alissa Parker Membership Website Design

Alissa Parker

June 29, 2017,

Alissa Parker Membership Website Design

NMI has designed and developed membership section on her website that showcases her workout programs, nutrition base articles, weekly updates, and Question and answers for membership user. The membership website bases on two level of users Competitor user and Lifestyle Transformation user. The membership section is fully mobile responsive, compatible with all major browsers and SEO friendly.

Membership features NMI has designed and developed:

User profile:

A user profile page where they can post information (Name, Age, Gender, Occupation, Starting Weight, Goals and Bio) along with users’ before and after photos.

Weekly Update:

The membership users can send weekly updates to Alissa along with their Body Weight, Weight Loss, Reverse Diet, and Target Macros:  Protein, Carbs, Fat, and Fiber information.


The membership users can find articles with tons of nutritional information to get on the right track as well as Alissa’s favorite recipes. Under the articles and videos section, she discusses commonly asked questions as well as coaching her users through the process to achieve a balanced and healthy approach to eating that can maintain a user for a lifetime.

Alissa‘s Workouts:

Under this section, a user can find workouts for every level (Beginners and Advanced users workouts). This section mainly contains Home workouts, Bonus workouts, Recovery/Stretch. This section also contains a large exercise database with images and videos of each exercise.


NMI has designed and developed a Q&A section for the paid members, where they can directly ask questions about their Body Weights, Weight Loss, their targets and any problem if they are facing.

About Alissa Parker

Alissa Parker is an IFBB figure pro and an ISSA certified sports nutrition specialist. She was ranked in the top 10 nationally in both figure and bikini in 2011. She teaches women how to overcome their obstacles so that they can lose excessive body fat and can achieve their dream body.