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Doctor Venus Fitness Website Design

Doctor Venus Ramos

July 22, 2017,

Doctor Venus Ramos Fitness Website Design

Natalie Minh Interactive has re-designed and developed a new membership website for Doctor Venus that showcases her services, photo gallery, blog, booking inquiries and a standard / professional contact page for her customers to stay in touch with her. NMI has also designed and develop the sales pages for her fitness programs that allow selling along with monthly and yearly subscription based memberships.

NMI integrated the Email newsletter software for Doctor Venus to share news, announce new promotions, or send out an annual email update to all of her customers. The website is fully mobile responsive, compatible with all major browsers and SEO friendly.

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About Doctor Venus Ramos

Doctor Venus Fitness Website DesignDoctor Venus Ramos is a rehabilition physician, personal trainer, community volunteer, and enduring life enthusiast. She’s committed to spreading the message of health and fitness as a lifestyle for everyone!

She has a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Her experience also includes work as a personal trainer, a senior citizen fitness educator, and a volunteer trainer for Special Olympics track athletes.

Doctor Venus Rams has been a competitive fitness athlete for 20 years and regularly appeared in the Fitness America ESPN Series. She has competed in Ms. Fitness World, Fitness America National Finals, and NPC Fitness National Finals. Her other competitive fitness achievements include winning the Natural Universe Modelquest 2001 and NPC Los Angeles Fitness Championships 2007.  She’s a Semi-Finalist in the 2008 premiere season of NBC’s American Gladiators.