Urban Fitness League


September 11, 2018,

Urban Fitness League Fitness Website Design

NMI developed a new WordPress site which now serves as a platform for UFL to feature their athletes, promote their events and provide information to attract, inform and inspire like-minded individuals.

The design is fresh and reflects the personality, character, and energy of the brand. The website is user-friendly, SEO-ready, and fully responsive to all devices, from smartphones to tablets. It also includes a blog, photo & video galleries with an email newsletter and social media integration.

Urban Fitness League (UFL) is a new professional sports league showcasing the world’s best calisthenics athletes. UFL needed a website not only to elevate their online presence but to also have a central hub for all league activities.

About Urban Fitness League

The Urban Fitness League (UFL) was created to showcase the evolutionary super calisthenics athletes and to empower people of all ages to engage in a healthy lifestyle. The league is unique through its dynamic convergence of a new brand of sport, an innovative style of athlete and an impactful integration of music, all showcased through live events and global TV coverage. Urban Fitness League has teams in China, Brazil, Spain, Australia, Germany, and Russia including televised events in Europe on EuroSport.