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Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

As technology evolves, so does the way we do business. Nowadays, more and more companies sell their products online instead of using traditional marketing strategies.

When you’re still stuck in the Stone Age and don’t sell your products or services online, then you’re losing money. You can reach more customers with this method, as well as do business more efficiently.

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Throughout this guide, we’ll discuss 7 of the best online shops for small to mid-sized businesses. These platforms are:

  1. Your website
  2. Walmart Marketplace
  3. Target Plus™
  4. Amazon
  5. Shopify
  6. Etsy
  7. eBay
1) Your website

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Selling on your website gives you complete control, which is why it’s one of the best places to sell products online in 2022. Through your website, you can:

Avoid the fees associated with marketplaces 

The cost of renting a marketplace, such as Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart Marketplace, cuts into the profits of your business. You can eliminate these overhead costs by becoming your own marketplace.

Limit price wars with your competitors 

A lot of sellers compete with each other on online marketplaces. Due to this, small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) can’t win the price war without cutting their profits.

Market and promote your product however you want 

There are many marketplaces that offer marketing and advertising options, but you have to follow their rules. Certain marketing strategies, like email marketing, may not be available to you because of the structure of the marketplace. 

Manage your product listings, inventory, and more with direct support

You can work with your own design, development, and logistics team or work with a third-party provider that can assist you with managing your website.

We’re here to make your life easier! Our custom-built websites convert well and generate more leads. From the website layout to how it works with mobile devices, overall website experience and interaction will influence a customer’s perception of your brand, so let us help!

2) Walmart Marketplace

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022Source

Aside from selling on your website, you can consider Walmart Marketplace if you prefer online marketplaces. Walmart Marketplace allows you to:

Offer products to Walmart shoppers   

Walmart is used by more than 410 million people every month in the U.S., so selling through this platform is a good way to reach a large audience. You can also take advantage of the trust shoppers have in Walmart’s brand.

Promote your products

The Walmart Sponsored Products program allows you to market your products, outmaneuver competitors, and increase sales. Ads are displayed in relevant search results and product pages, helping you reach shoppers searching for your products.

No listing, setup, or subscription fee

Walmart Marketplace doesn’t charge listing, setup, or subscription fees, unlike other shopping marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify. Although you pay a referral fee, the overall payment structure at Walmart Marketplace benefits your business.

3) Target Plus™

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

As opposed to other online marketplaces, Target Plus:

Isn’t saturated with sellers 

The marketplace has strict requirements for sellers, which keeps the competition low.

Offers free shipping and in-store returns   

Target PlusTM offers competitive selling and shopping perks as well. You can offer free shipping to your buyers, which may encourage them to buy. Customers also have the convenience of in-store returns, which could make their purchase from Target PlusTM more appealing.

Promote your products

You can also advertise on Target PlusTM, just like Walmart Marketplace. The cost of promoting your products on this online marketplace, however, is much higher. 

4) Amazon

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022Source

As one of the largest players in the marketplace, Amazon allows you to:

Use an established and trusted online marketplace

With more than 40% of online sales generated by Amazon, the eCommerce site is one of the most popular and well-established online marketplaces. 

Reach a broad shopping audience

More than 40% of people in the U.S. buy something from Amazon every month, making it the most visited eCommerce site. If you sell on Amazon, you will have access to a massive audience of shoppers.

Avoid complicated, time-intensive application processes

If you want to sell your products online, Amazon is the easiest and fastest platform to use. In less than a day, you can create an account and begin selling, making it very easy to get started.

Support for order fulfillment and product returns

Your company has access to logistics solutions via Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA). This program can handle order fulfillment, shipping, and returns. It can help your business save time and scale rapidly.    

5) Shopify

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Fast and easy creation of online stores

Shopify offers both free and paid design templates that enable anyone to launch an online store. You can build and publish a store for your business even if you don’t have a development background.

Bulk upload products via a .csv file                  

Shopify makes it easy to add products from your company’s catalog to your store. CSV files enable you to upload your products and their specific details, which makes launching your store simple and fast.

Allows you to launch Google and Facebook ads

A built-in feature in Shopify lets you advertise your products. With this feature, you can promote your products easily, which can boost sales.     

For the best results with selling on Shopify, you may want to consider our eCommerce Webdesign and Development services. Your Shopify website can earn more traffic and orders with SEO and PPC strategies, so make them a part of your plan and set your store up for success.   

6) Etsy

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Etsy is a platform for creatives of all kinds. Etsy allows you to enjoy the following perks if you decide to sell on this platform:

Positive selling community

Etsy sellers are generally united and willing to help each other out.  Etsy Community is a place where sellers can ask and answer questions, share frustrations, and get advice.

You can also take your partnerships to the next level with Etsy Teams. This is a group of sellers working together within a common industry. Join a niche-specific team to get sourcing recommendations, and you can also join a general team to help with marketing and advertising.

Easy to use   

Etsy is designed to be accessible to everyone. Unlike some eCommerce platforms, Etsy lets you set up a store in just a few minutes and requires no coding skills or design knowledge. You have easy access to all sales and product data, and budgeting at the end of the month is simplified.

Integrated customer base

Etsy does its best to accommodate new and first-time sellers, making it easier for these sellers to break into the market.  Etsy’s search algorithm prioritizes new listings, so when you list your store for the first time, you get a boost automatically. 

7) eBay

Top 7 Places to Sell Online in 2022

Instant trust 

As of 2019, eBay has a customer satisfaction rating of 79%. Buyers on eBay are also protected from scams and bad service.     

Option to auction    

eBay first gained popularity through auctions and has remained the Internet’s top auction marketplace ever since. It allows you to put items up for auction to get a higher price as a seller. If you have an item that doesn’t auction well, you can use eBay’s fixed-price listings.

Lower fees

eBay charges around 10% per sale while Amazon typically charges 15%. Additionally, you can lower your fees even further by becoming a Top Rated Seller or subscribing to an eBay Store plan.

Shipping assistance         

A great benefit of selling on eBay is that you can often save up to 52% on shipping. Lower shipping costs will make your listings more attractive to buyers. In addition, their Global Shipping Program offers US sellers the convenience of shipping anywhere in the world.   


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