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How Can I Use SEO To Increase Website Traffic?

The main part of running a successful business is to invest smartly. Where you invest your time, money and energy plays a huge role in determining your profits. When you run a business online, you have to make sure that you’re visible. This is where Search Engine Optimization(SEO) comes in.

Here’s how you can use SEO to become visible and increase your website traffic!

  1. Tried and Tested


    Most innovative business owners look at things in a different way, and they always assume that new is better. However, sometimes the tried and tested road is the way to go! Use this strategy when you’re filling up your blogs. Pick a topic, any topic, and search for it on Google. BuzzSumo is an useful resource you can use to see the top trending articles on your chosen topic. Use these highly ranked articles, and make them better. Infuse them with your personality, your humour and your style. An easy hack is to make a small article more detailed, or change a lengthy boring one into a short interesting read!By following this step of using articles which have been tried and tested, you improve your SEO goals and are one step closer to achieving increased traffic!
    tried and tested

  2. Emotionally Engaging Content

    emotional meme
    When you connect with your audience on an emotional and personal level, then you have a higher chance of gaining a loyal readership. To write emotionally engaging content, you first need to know the likes and dislikes, dreams, fears, and hopes of the people you are targeting.A short example: If your website deals with “exercising and fitness”, then be creative with your content headlines. An article with the headline “how to motivate yourself to hit the gym after a 9-5 job” will gain you more readership than an article whose headline is “why regular exercise is important”.

    This is because a customer is more likely to read an article that resonates with her emotions than a bland article which sounds like its written for a crowd.

  3. Expert Opinions

    expert opinion
    When you associate yourselves with experts in a particular industry, it is a given that you have an added advantage over the millions of other people who are working in the same industry. If you have a knows source, who is a big personality in your industry, you REALLY should connect with them.As an example, if you work is in the fitness industry and you have a contact with a fitness influencer, collaborate with them and set up an interview.

    Your SEO traffic will increase by a large factor if you just post these interviews on your webpage. Followers of the influencer will also start accessing your posts in addition to your own customers.

Increasing your SEO traffic and making it grow is fairly easy if you have the right people on
board and effective tools to work with. It is important for you to stay consistent and regular in posting content and managing your traffic because consistency is the key to success, especially online!


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