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Social Media Influencer Marketing: Moms Are Power Users

Mom The Social Media Influencer 

When it comes to social networks, the least we expect to use them are Moms! Amazingly, Moms use social media a lot according to this infographic by A’s Statista. 80% of young moms use social media regularly while only 55% of the general online population does. 52% of these young moms have about 200 friends in Facebook. When asked if they have visited Facebook in the past 30 days, 90% of them says YES!

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Moms are open to brands on social network. Surprisingly, 49% of them says that they have made a purchase because of a social networking site recommendation and incredibly, 71% of them says they frequently follow content. 59% of these Moms also recommend companies/brands through social networking sites. They are also interacting with companies on social media in which 63% of them believed that they can influence companies by sharing and voicing their opinions through social network. So the next time we make our social networking and social media plan, let us remember that moms have a lot of influence over social networking and their numbers could help you in your marketing effort.

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