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The Power Of Social Trust

The Power of Social Trust

Social Trust is very important for a business to be successful online. came up with a remarkable infographic which gives us a valuable insight into social trust.

An astonishing 33% of the mob said, that they frequently ask their friends or family before buying new products and services. About 32% said that they tend to ask advice for products while a remarkable 68% ask for advice on services. It was also important to note that 48% of the people surveyed, highly values their friends and family’s opinion and more interestingly, about 85% of them said that they rather listen to a friend than to an expert that they never met before. A whooping 71% would buy online if the product or service is reviewed by a friend!

According to Friendize, about 38% wanted to ask advice face to face rather than through any social networking sites. About 34% of the people wanted some advice on electronics and household appliances, 31% on health and beauty, 25% on cars and transportation, 19% on food and drinks, 11% on medical and personal care, 9% on travel and 8% on outdoors and sports. And lastly, an incredible 65% of these people would likely or very likely to use an online service by getting advice from trusted people.

Now you know how important Social Trust is to your businesses!


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