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Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing – The World Is Watching

Social Media Video Marketing Is Exploding

The trend of online video is defining an entire generation of Internet users! Its growth is unprecedented and continues to grow by leaps and bounds. An amazing 69% of adult internet users have either watched or downloaded online videos. There has also been a dramatic increase in the number of viewers for comedy, educational, movies/TV shows, music and political videos. A staggering 33% of adult internet users use both Youtube and Google video in sharing videos that they are interested in and an overwhelming 62% of these videos posted are home videos while videos from places traveled to and clips from movies and TV shows are next at 24% each.

Online Video Consumption Statistics

The disparity between male and female are most almost non-existent as both men and women are likely to post videos on popular social media video sites. Young adults (18-29 yrs old) are most likely to upload videos but adults between 30-49 are fast catching up. A surprising 52% of videos uploaded are on social networking sites such as Facebook while video sharing site such as Youtube is closely following at 49%. The next time you do social media campaign, consider using videos as part of your marketing strategies.

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