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3 Fitness Marketing Strategies For Your Online Business

The fitness business is always a very active industry, for one simple reason: Everyone wants to look and feel good! This desire converts to efforts towards working out everyday and following fitness advice from professionals. Given the trend to stay indoors and stay protected from COVID19 in 2020, this is the perfect time for fitness companies to take their business online and acquire the customers staying at home! With some good fitness marketing you can see surprising results!

You can use the following 3 tips to help improve your fitness marketing today:

1) Build An Amazing Website

website design for fitness marketing

If you’re going to take your services online, a brick and mortar store or gym isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need an online presence- that means investing in a kick-ass website for your business!

Websites in 2020 have come a long way- you need to make sure it’s built with latest security standards, is mobile optimized and SEO ready(among other things). Most importantly you need to make sure the website resonates with your brand and stands out from the competition.

This is where potential customers will find you and develop first impressions, so make sure you build it well!

If you want a professional website which creates maximum leads, enhances conversion to real dollars and gets people talking about your brand—> NatalieMinhInteractive has a trained team ready to help you!

2) Develop Your Brand

brand development

In online businesses, BRAND IS EVERYTHING.

Your brand is what you’ll market- and if your brand is perceived as trustworthy, you’re on your way to gaining loyal customers. In order to perfect your branding, you need to understand your product and it’s benefits. Add your personal story and thoughts into your brand, and it will stand out and be unique!

Creating relationships with customers and providing solutions is the goal. Do this right, and your brand will take off nicely!

3) Use Instagram for Fitness Marketing

fitness marketing on Instagram

In 2020, social media is a major player when it comes to marketing, and Instagram is the place to be now for online fitness entrepreneurs. Since most of your customers will spend their time here, it makes sense to do your marketing here as well. Fitness marketing on Instagram needs to be done smartly so that your marketing doesn’t; feel like an ad. Nothing is more turning off than an obvious sales gimmick!

What you should do is work on creating an authentic and genuine fitness brand that people will want to follow. This means sharing your expertise through tips, videos and well designed educational content. Instagram is it is the home of many fitness gurus. Use this to your advantage by smart hash-tagging and influencer marketing!

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