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Personal Trainer Website Design

First Impressions Matter

Whether you need a blog, landing page or fully functional online store, it’s more than just website. It’s an extension of your business and the first thing customers search for online. From the site layout to how it responds on mobile devices, their experience and interaction will influence how they perceive your brand.

Customers expect a website to be interactive, intuitive, efficient, and responsive. Anything less can negatively impact your business. To establish a presence, build credibility and trustworthiness online, you need a website that connects and resonates with your audience.

Our Process

We have the same goal in mind – success. With our transparent design and development process, we keep you in the loop at every project stage so you are informed of the progress.


we gather information about your business, industry, target market and customers as well as your ultimate goals and objective for the website


we plan the elements, navigation, structure, look and feel of your website including the milestone schedules and how we will approach the overall project


we turn the ideas, sketches, and wireframes into a visual designs and prepare it for development


we bring the design to life. Website will be built using WordPress and put all content and functionality into place

Quality Assurance

we perform a series of tests to ensure it meets the project specifications, and all features & content are integrated accurately


This marks the completion of the work. For the next 60 days, we will provide you with complimentary support and assist you until you are fully independent to manage your own website

How We Work

Custom Made For Your Brand

Every project is unique so we start by getting to know YOU. We work on a consultative basis starting with a Collaborative Intake Session to understand your brand, competitors, services, voice. In the sea of template driven website developers, NMI crafts a bespoke detailed analysis, design, and development experience to translate the essence of what makes you exceptional and create a final product that captures who you are.

Top Notch Quality

Price, Quality, Speed. We put our heart and soul into what we do and are known for our commitment to delivering projects at the highest quality. Our dedicated QA team will monitor all stages of the process to ensure compliance and conformity to standards, specifications and requirements.

As a team, we review all major milestones, applying our cumulative industry experience (fitness, tech, MS, MBA) and insight, which you cannot get anywhere else.

Tested And Proven Services

With a well-known roster of industry players, we have years of knowledge and experience in helping clients just like you succeed online. In fact, we are so passionate about the fitness entrepreneur niche that we have a sister company, an accredited educational non-profit, which brings together like minded people to learn more about how to develop their businesses.

We share with you what’s working and what’s NOT working in the fitness industry, taking the mystery out of what is oftentimes a large investment. Our designers and developers are experts what’s working NOW in their field by keeping track of the latest design trends, technological innovations, and making use of the most advanced web design tools.

Streamlined Process

Building a website is like building a house. You don’t know what you don’t know until you’re neck deep in the process. We have a favorite saying, “If you think a Pro is expensive, try hiring an Amateur.” This is where NMI comes in.

Every project has a project manager assigned to ensure that your goals and objectives are met in the timeliest and cost-efficient way possible, all the while expertly guiding you through it all so that you don’t get lost in the minutia. We keep you and the team focused with industry standard project management strategies (Agile, PMP) and online tools for smooth and efficient collaboration.

Industry Leading 60 Day
Post Launch Support

“I just completed my website! But how do I use it?!”
We gotchu fam.
We provide an industry leading 60 day post-launch support guarantee* in case you have any questions or need help with your website. You also will receive a training document containing tutorials on how to manage and keep your site up to date.

Long Term Partnership

We don’t just build websites. We create relationships. Our work doesn’t end after launch. We partner with you to further maximize your website and online potential. Whatever your needs are, we have the processes, resources and systems to help drive your business forward.

* 60 Day technical post support guarantee to the original scope of work.

What's Included

Easy to Manage Website

We specialize in WordPress technologies, the world’s most popular, open source content management system (CMS), which enables you to manage, edit and maintain the content on your website even without any technical skill. In addition to our new user launch guides, you will never be without help as WordPress is so widely used that you can either google or Youtube whatever questions you may have and there’s an instructional video or blog for it.

Mobile Responsive

In today’s day and age, over 60% of all website traffic is mobile. If you aren’t mobile responsive, you are losing business and eyeballs. Developed to be fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


Built using the best web design practices, we make sure the codes, link structure and system are properly configured. Standard with our website development packages, we will install a best practices SEO plugin to your website to get you started.


 Easy Integration

With 51,000 plugins on and hundreds of thousands more online, you’ll be able to work seamlessly with tools and widgets essential to your online marketing campaign.

If a plugin doesn’t exist, don’t worry. The NMI development team has extensive experience in advanced API and other custom coding, as well as custom plugin development. You won’t find this coding skill level with most other agencies.

Professional Images

No website is complete without pictures. Striking, high quality images not only adds life to a website, it also converts more. Visitors no longer just browse the pages, the want to experience them. No Photos? No Worries! We will find the best stock photos to match your site and brand to help you connect to your audience better.

Boost Social Engagement

Your website and social media channels can do wonders in promoting your brand especially if they are working together. We’ll integrate your feeds where they are visible, and add share buttons in your posts and pages, allowing your new visitors to connect and share your content to their network.

Capture New Leads

Leads turn into conversions so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Grow your list, and stay in touch with audience by capturing their contact information. Start a campaign, bring them deep into your funnel and transform your visitors into loyal customers.

Page Speed Optimized

A one second delay in page load time can lead to loss in conversion, fewer page views and decreased customer satisfaction. Our websites are optimized to achieve optimum speed and performance, and improved visitor experience.

Are you ready to start your project?