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Neda Iranpour – Lighten Up with Neda

August 29, 2013,

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Neda Iranpour is a news anchor in San Diego with a passion for writing and giving people a voice. She started this website to share her stories with the hopes this might give you ideas on how to explore your own health and fitness potential, the world around us, and the heart inside you. Neda was a fitness competitor who faced many health challenges after competing. But that opened up a pandora’s box of knowledge that she’s soaking in daily. From Ayurveda and veganism to weight training and long-distance running… she’ll try anything, ask questions, do research, and over zealously strive to do what’s right for body, mind, soul, and community.
She is sharing the grueling process of training for an Ironman (Neda have to heal her broken fibula first.) She will also be trying out for the Charger Girls (yes, she want to be an NFL cheerleader in my mid-30’s.) These are wishes she’ve had for years, so it’s time to tap into those playful thoughts and make them happen. It’ll be a long road as she unleash possibilities and unlock barricades. Neda wants to encourage all of you to push past fears by putting love and passion first. May we recognize our wildest dreams and bring them to life! We’re on our way “UP” and we’re doing it together!


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