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March 18, 2016,

FullSizeRender (002)She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and graduated from Penn State. After college she stretched her legs and moved around a bit, got married to the love of her life in Savannah, GA and then started a family in Richmond, VA. Her husband decided to advance in his career, moving her family to the West Coast, landing us in Orange County, California. She was a mom, and that’s where she focused ALL her time. She didn’t pay attention to her own needs, or much of her Husbands. She think deep down, She was a little depressed, disappointed in herself, and maybe even a little resentful as she watched her husband advance in his career. Granted, being a mom is the best gift in the world, and having the opportunity to stay home and raise her kids was an absolute blessing!! They are and always will be what DRIVES her to be better.

Fast forward to 2013… move to Orange County. She was right…. beautiful people, FIT people…everywhere! But to her surprise, they were also some of the NICEST people I have ever met, HAPPY PEOPLE! How could you not be when the weather is gorgeous 24/7 and the sun is always shining? But that positive attitude, the “WANT” to feel good, to become healthy….it becomes addicting, when you truly want it!


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