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Kate Horney – Beyond Fit

July 10, 2015,

FullSizeRender (002)Discover what the thousands of Beyond Fit Moms know about making fitness and fat loss part of everyday life. Uncover the fat-loss tips, recipes, mindset switches, and amazing secrets they all use to make fat loss and lean living a lifestyle they enjoy.

Together, they’ll help you cut through the fitness industry jargon, fitness myths, and endless stream of confusing misinformation. They know that real women need a real set of guidelines if they want to get real results. Join them to discover the simple recipes, delicious meal plans, and ingredients that will work for female fat loss. Go to them for quick, at-home workouts which blast body fat and build lean muscle to give you the physique you want. And lean on them for mindset tools that will help you manage the fat-loss lifestyle, because they know that real life isn’t always easy.


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