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Debbie Rodrigues

October 17, 2014,

Fitness Website Design
Since a very early age, She started to struggle with eating disorders. As  an active child and a good student, it was not only when things went really bad at the age of 10 that doctors realized she was not really eating enough.

After finding stability for many years, my moving to Belgium and a change in lifestyle lead me to sedentarism. It was only at the age of 34, after living abroad for 7 years, that she slowly started to have an active life. In 2012, Debbie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The meningioma did not stop her from getting fitter. On the contrary, it inspired her  to dedicate herself to becoming consistent about healthy.

Certified Holistic Life Coach and Personal Trainer, Debbie combinesexperience and background to holistically help active women and female entrepreneurs.


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