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Divini Rae Fitness Website Redesign

June 20, 2014,

Divini Rae Fitness Website Redesign

Motivational Speaker & Health & Fitness Coach Divini Rae wanted to redesign her old website, and re-launch her brand. She wanted a blog and online store to sell her e-books and merchandize.

Natalie Minh Interactive developed a custom designed wordpress informational and e-commerce website to meet her requirements. The site is mobile optimized and it includes a blog, galleries, and social media and email marketing software integration


Fitness Website Design
Divini Rae was born and raised in Tanana, Alaska, a remote village of under 300 people. Her parents lived off the land (also known as subsistence living or survivalist living), and she grew up eating meat that was hunted for (the animal was blessed & every part of the animal was used), berries that grew wild, and vegetables from our summer garden.  She grew up learning how to survive temperatures as cold as -70 below zero, and about respecting animals and people. Even though Divini no longer live in Tanana, she still use the training, lessons and skills that I learned growing up there. She return to Alaska every summer with her children because they love it.


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